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Sanctuary Found in Cap Cana

Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSol

After weeks of traveling, we wanted to relax at an oasis with turquoise waters and white powdery beaches and we landed at Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSol. Sanctuary Cap Cana is an adults-only all-inclusive 5 Star resort situated along a stretch of pure white sand beach in Cap Cana. This hideaway offers room categories including castle suites and Caribbean villas. Couple the unique castle accommodations with turquoise waters, white sand beaches, 24-hour room service, and private pools and you have a haven of relaxation. While a couple aspects of our stay missed the mark, we still found the peaceful luxury we were hoping to enjoy.
Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSolWe arrived at Sanctuary Cap Cana to a fully renovated castle suite that walked out onto a pristine white-sand beach. The modern whites and beachy sands were soothing and beautiful. With 24-hour room service, we could have stayed in the suite for the entire stay. It was tempting, but I’d seen the pools and the beach and they were calling my name.
Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSolMost days, we had the castle pool to ourselves. There were a few other pool options but with poolside bar service and ocean views from the castle pool, I couldn’t possibly ask for anything else. I floated around the pool for hours, usually with a drink in my hand, and listened to the sounds of the ocean near by. This was the quiet paradise that I imagined. If you’re looking for complete relaxation, I’d recommend staying in the castle or one of the private villas with plunge pools.
Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSolWhen we wanted to get out of the sun for a bit to read or nap, there were umbrellas or cabanas within a few feet from the pool and Denis, the bartender, never left me without a drink in my hand. He’s the kind of attentive that you only imagine exists but you can never find.
Sanctuary Cap Cana by AlSolAs part of the castle, you can find Wok restaurant. Fusion restaurant is definitely the most entertaining but Wok is the most delicious. Surrounded by a beautiful moat, this Pan-Asian fusion restaurant also includes a Teppanyaki table with your own private chef. We had to make reservations for the Teppanyaki table but from 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm, they also offer a full menu for outside dining and reservations are not required. Even though we were only at Sanctuary for four nights, we spent half of them at Wok. It’s a romantic, quiet setting and their Kung Po Chicken is scrumptious.
Sanctuary Cap CanaThe entire stay wasn’t flawless. Although we did make reservations at Fusion, when we arrived we weren’t on the list. All wasn’t lost though because a sweet couple from Texas were debating their reservation and they gave it to us instead. They hadn’t been to the Italian restaurant and they wanted to give it a try. Since reservations weren’t required there, it wasn’t an issue for them to make the change. It left us grateful because Fusion is the most entertaining option at Sanctuary. Upbeat dancing and singing are a huge part of this dining experience. While the rest of Sanctuary relaxes, Fusion is alive with music.
We also had a few issues with hot water and I longed for more water pressure and better WiFi signal, but the proximity to the pure white sand beach and the luxuries of private pools and renovated suites make Sanctuary Cap Cana one of the most relaxing vacation spots in the Caribbean.

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