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5 Man Cave Essentials to Add to Your List

Man Cave Essentials

As a couple, we both dreamed of having a Man Cave in our basement. Cord wanted a place to play games, watch tv, and get away, and I wanted a place for Cord to play games, watch tv, and get away. We both enjoy our own time and think that it’s essential for a healthy relationship. We also enjoy time together as a family in a place where we can sit back and put our feet up. We’re only renting a house in Montreal for now though so things like a built-in bar or built-in media units are out of the question. We came up with 5 man cave essentials that could be added to almost any room to make it the ultimate place to relax without looking like a frat house.

Five Man Cave Essentials

Number One – A Comfortable CouchMan Cave Essentials - CouchI didn’t realize how possessive Cord was with his couch. After having it for years, he’s like Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. He has his favorite place to sit, the best location for tv remotes and gaming controls, and comfortable places for pillows to provide the best support while watching a movie or playing a video game. He also loves the look and feel of the leather and it’s easy to clean after spills. We bought a lot of new furniture for the house, but the comfy leather couch followed us home like a lost puppy dog.

Number Two – Storage 
Man Cave Essentials - Storage As someone who works in the video game industry, Cord has a massive collection of movies, video games, books, and gaming memorabilia. Even if he were to sell video games online for a year, I think he’d still have more than the average person. We needed multiple storage units to house all that entertainment. After buying four bookcases and two DVD media units, we finally have it covered. We used Wayfair to find units that fit our space but Ikea has plenty of options as well.

Number Three – Memorabilia 
Man Cave Essentials - Memorabilia Video game memorabilia can be difficult to add to a space that children enjoy but tasteful pieces can easily be placed around the room as conversation starters and good memories. We enjoy playing some pretty violent games so those collectibles didn’t make the cut. Most of the memorabilia we placed around the room came from games Cord personally worked on or gifts from others in the video game industry so we were happy to put them on display in the room.

Number Two – Big Television 
Man Cave Essentials - TelevisionWhen it comes to man cave essentials, there are few items more important than a television. You’re most likely going to be watching movies, sports, or playing video games in there and you’ll need an awesome television to make this all the more enjoyable. The 105 inch bendable Samsung television offers jaw-dropping pictures and a curved screen to increase the viewing angle. It’s a focal point and a man cave game changer.

Number One – A Mini Fridge
Man Cave Essentials - Danby FridgeAlmost as important as the television, is a mini fridge.  No one wants to get up for another drink or snacks in the middle of a movie or game. The Silhouette fridge has seamless door design, an ergonomic handle and a finished black cabinet to make it look as flawless on the outside as it is functional on the inside. It’s 5.5 cu.ft and holds enough Pepsi, Fireball, and Keith’s beer to be like Charlie’s Chocolate Factory of fridges.

My grandfather use to call Fireball his “water warmer” when I was a child and we’d go swimming. Now that we’re preparing for the cold winter months in Montreal, I needed a whole fridge to stock up on “warmer” drinks. I got this, Grandpy!

Other Man Cave Essentials
Man Cave Essentials
We intentionally left out some of the basics like games, video games and gaming systems, and a sound system because they are usually things you already have, but these man cave essentials will turn your basement or any space you have into a place where you can relax and unwind.

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