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Time to Bench My Flip Flops and Dresses

Bench Clothing, Canada

Southern California was my home for the last seven years and I prided myself on wearing flip flops and dresses on a daily basis. Since moving to Montreal, I needed to bench my flip flops and dresses for a warmer wardrobe. It’s been costly making the shift because I didn’t even own a lot of the clothes required for daily life here in the changing seasons. Socks? Why would I own them? A warm sweater fit for the crisp fall air? Not necessary. Now, I need more. I decided to search for two or three versatile warm pieces that would make me more comfortable in our new environment.  When I ended up in a Bench store on St. Catherine, it had everything I was searching for in all the colors I love. I may not be ready for blistery winter just yet but I’m adjusting much better now that I have some warmer clothes.
Zipline at Voiles en Volies, MontrealI found this Corp Print Hoody and I don’t want to take it off. With soft material inside, a warm hood, and double cuffs on the sleeves with a slit for your thumb, you can tell it was made for the colder temperatures in Canada. From aerial courses and hiking to sitting around a camp fire, it’s keeping me warm while I’m active and outdoors, day and night.

During any given weekend, you can find us hiking, climbing, walking, running, and maneuvering around rocks or across rivers. We want to see the world and it requires a lot of effort and energy, but the rewards are magical. Last weekend, we went to an aerial course in Old Port, Montreal where we climbed and zipped our way around pirate ships. The weekend before, we went to Coaticook for Forest Lumina, a night-illuminated trail created for people of all ages. During our trip, we hiked in the forest, climbed rocks, walked along a river, and played in the fall leaves. I wore my new Dominant Leggings on both days of the trip because they were warm and comfortable. While Athena likes to focus on style only, I need comfort. I don’t want to be restricted because of what I’m wearing. With active clothes, I feel ready for anything outdoors.
CAOUTCHOUC, Bench Canada

The last piece that I added to my wardrobe was a versatile scarf that can be worn a variety of ways. It’s great for camping and hiking but it also fits in well in the city. When walking Athena to and from school or picking up groceries in village, I love having something around my neck to protect against the wind. Montreal might not have the coldest temperatures in Canada but the wind definitely adds to the bitterness.

On my next trip into the city center, I’m going to stop at Bench for another critical addition to my wardrobe – a Bench jacket. My sweater, pants, and scarf are doing a great job keeping me warm, but winter is coming! And oh baby, we are in for a drastic change.

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