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Fright Fest at La Ronde

Fright Fest, La Ronde, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

There’s something about being heart-pumping scared that makes for a great date night. Normally, I opt for the jump out of a plane or off of a building scared but when I heard about Fright Fest at La Ronde it immediately went on my bucketlist. From September 30-October 29th La Ronde is taken over by zombies and ghouls at night. We enjoyed the thrills and rides during the day and stayed after dark for a truly frightening evening of terror. Fright Fest offers a wide variety of places to feel the horror including several haunted houses and scare zones located throughout the park. If the stuff of nightmares lurking around every corner doesn’t make you hold hands in horror, nothing will.
Rollercoasters at La Ronde, MontrealWhen we arrived at La Ronde, we headed directly for the biggest roller coasters at the back of the park. We were on a date night and Athena was at home. I didn’t want to miss our chance to ride the roller coasters that she’s just too short to ride. She’s a little adrenaline junkie like her mom but she’s not tall enough for some of the bigger rides. I love going to amusement parks with her and experiencing the wonder of the park through the eyes of a child, but when I have a chance to get on the roller coasters, I don’t mess around.
Ednör roller coaster at La Ronde, MontrealEdnör looked like the biggest thrill. It’s a gigantic suspended looping roller coaster near the lake and I was excited to give it a spin. I could see it from the bridge every time I drove by and it was calling my name.

Legs dangling at an impressive 33-metre height, we instantly felt the power of Ednör when it made a steep turn just over the lake and that was only the beginning. We spiraled, hanging upside down, and headed into a vertical half-loop that turns like a wild corkscrew before making a nose-down loop. We continued to flip and spin until I didn’t know which way was up and I smiled and screamed with delight the entire ride. What a way to start our adventure at La Ronde.

I chatted with a family behind us when we got off Ednör. They had been at the park all day and said Goliath was the best roller coaster at La Ronde. We knew we’d only be able to ride a few more rides because of the long lines so we made our way to Goliath, grateful for the tip.
Goliath roller coaster, La Ronde, MontrealLiving up to its name, Goliath is an intense 110 kilometers-per-hour beast that reaches 52 feet only to rush you right back down again. Then, you do it all over again in another enormous drop on your way to an even steeper drop. At a whopping 4 Gs, this was the mega-monster I was hoping to ride.

The darkness had set in and Fright Fest was upon us. My adrenaline was already pumping as we headed to the scare zones.

Fright Fest (CNW Group/La Ronde)

Fright Fest (CNW Group/La Ronde)

Zombie Camp was our favorite Scare Zone and worth including on your visit. The most unique monsters can be found in the Zombie Camp where zombies are no longer only fictional characters. Although they never actually touch you, they are up close and personal and even though it is dark, there is nowhere to hide. I challenge you to go through and not be afraid. Even when you know where the zombies are, it’s impossible to keep those hairs on your neck from rising.
Fright Fest, La Ronde, Montreal

As for the haunted attractions, only the bravest of souls dare to enter DISTRICT 510, a mysterious experimental base where few people escape unhurt from the hands of unscrupulous scientists.

In total darkness, I lead our group with a small flashlight as our only guide.  I don’t know if it was worse for me in the front or for my friend in the very back. Ironically, we protected our men in the middle as we found our way through the building, crossing dark creatures, distorted and thirsty for human flesh. As I weaved my way through the darkness, I couldn’t help but let out a yelp when a creature crossed my path or to breath a sigh of relief when we left the building. Is it bizarre that I find roller coasters and rides a lot less scary than being jumped at by fake monsters?

Our time at La Ronde’s Fright Fest had come to an end but as we made our way to the exit, we passed the Demon. Made even more devilish by Fright Fest and the night, Demon was inviting us to board its giant gondola powered by its two huge powerful steel arms.

This Demon, like all the monsters wandering through the park during Fright Fest, was petrifying. We swung like pendulums through the air while twirling, dipping, and flipping forward and backward through the darkness.
Fright Fest, La Ronde, MontrealMinus the long lines, Fright Fest lived up to my expectations. It left me holding Cord a lot tighter and my adrenaline pumping a lot faster. My only regret was not getting the Flash Pass. I always say it’s not worth the extra money but it’s a huge mistake. I miss going on more rides and truly taking advantage of my time at the park by waiting in the regular line. When I’m with Athena and I can’t go on the roller coasters with height restrictions, it’s understandable to avoid paying the extra money, but those rides that I’m longing to experience are the ones with the longest lines. Next time, I’m putting up the extra money and getting in as many roller coasters as possible. But what’s for certain is that there will be a next time because we’re addicted to the adventure of La Ronde.

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