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Bromont Road Trip in the Mazda6

Bromont Road Trip

As new residents of Montreal, we’ve been planning local Quebec road trips to experience the province and all that it has to offer. Last weekend might have been the last good weekend for leaves and fall colors so we returned to southwestern Quebec with a Bromont road trip. We were enticed by the old village sector featuring gift shops, bistros, art galleries, and antique shops, the well-known Domaine Château-Bromont and its indoor pool and outdoor hot tubs with stunning vistas, and the scenic rural roads covered with falling leaves. The bold red Mazda6 that we drove was our inspiration. We were leaf hunters in search of the most brilliantly red leaves we could find. Since it’s our first fall season in over half a decade, we want to experience it as much as possible. Our Bromont road trip was a beautiful way to say goodbye to fall before welcoming winter.
Bromont, Quebec fall road trip As we drove away from the city, we stopped at our favorite red, orange, and yellow trees. The car was the ideal comparison. Could we find leaves as boldly colored or was it getting to late in the season? It was the goal of our Bromont road trip.
Old Village of Bromont, QuebecAlthough we stopped along the road during the drive, our first destination of the day was the Old Village of Bromont, one of the jewels of Eastern Townships’ typical villages. Its historical buildings, boutiques, and restaurants make it a place where tourists and locals enjoy spending time. We chose a busy little bistro located in the heart of the village that offered a delicious menu at affordable prices.
Bromont Village restaurant, Quebec, CanadaThe portions were so large that Athena and I were able to share and we saved room for our four-course dinner planned for that evening at 4 Canards. The restaurant was packed with people and a sweet couple was willing to move from their four-seat table to a two-seat table just so we’d have a place to eat inside. Although the menu was in French, the waitress helped us choose. The waitress was friendly and we felt unhurried. It helped set the pace for the rest of the weekend.
Old Village, Bromont, Quebec, CanadaThe clear sky and crisp air made for the perfect day to stroll along the streets and look in the shops. Many of the leaves had fallen but we still managed to find the bright colors that made us smile.
Near l'Etang Baker, Quebec, CanadaI’d heard about a heart-shaped lake that was near Bromont so we headed in that direction. I didn’t know if we’d be able to see the shape of the lake or if we’d even be able to drive near it but I thought it would be a fun addition to our Bromont road trip so we found it on the GPS and were on our way.
l'Etang Baker, Quebec, CanadaThat country road was one of the best places to see the leaves and we loved the 30 minute ride, but as I’d guessed, we couldn’t hike to a high enough spot to actually make out the shape of the lake. It made me long for a drone to fly above the lake and see it for all its beauty.
Domaine Château-Bromont, Quebec, CanadaWe returned to Bromont to check into Château-Bromont. With an indoor pool, hot tubs, a gourment restaurant, and beautiful views it offered something for each of us.
Swimming at Domaine Château-Bromont, Quebec, CanadaAthena was craving pool time like a little water addict. We weren’t even in the hotel for five minutes and she already had her bathing suit on and she was waiting at the door for us. Growing up in California, she spent half her life in water. We all love our new community in Montreal but if there’s one thing we miss most, it’s daily access to the ocean or a pool. The pool was cold at first but it was only a matter of minutes before she was doing cannonballs and floating by in pure bliss.
Room at Chateau Bromont, QuebecRoom at Chateau Bromont, QuebecWe went back to our suite to relax before dinner.

The layout of the suite was ideal for families. It had a living room area for Cord and I to play games and watch tv while Athena slept, a king-sized bed, and a sofa bed. There was a comfy chair with a footstool near the window and I sat there looking out over the golf course and mountains, grateful to be experiencing the fall colors and lush green grass.
Dinner at 4 Canards, Bromont, QCDinner at 4 Canards, Bromont, QCDinner at 4 Canards, Bromont, QCOur dinner at 4 Canards restaurant was as brightly colored as our Bromont road trip. The fine cuisine was made with regional ingredients that evolve with the seasons. My Giant Shrimp in Coconut Milk were dressed with green Seaweed Salad and Ginger Spiced Mango and topped with a pink flower. My filet was paired with delicious greens and orange carrots. My dessert was drizzled in chocolate and completed with reds and blues. The presentation was as appealing as the taste.
Chateau Bromont, QuebecIn the morning, the fog hung in the mountains and we were treated to bold reds and oranges as bright as the Mazda6. We woke up early to spend our remaining time in the outdoor hot tub.
Hut tub at Chateau Bromont, QuebecAthena’s idea of the perfect hotel is one with a big pool. My idea of the perfect hotel is one with separate living and sleeping areas so I don’t need to go to bed at Athena’s bedtime. Cord’s idea of the perfect hotel is one with an outdoor hut tub with amazing views. It was his turn! We soaked in the hot tub until it started to rain and I couldn’t stop marveling at all the beauty that surrounded us. How magical are leaves that are full of light and color in their last days? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to leave this world with such beauty at the end of our long lives? I’m so glad we chose to live in a place full of color.
Bromont, Quebec As we drove home, we made one last stop to admire the leaves. Many of the trees are ready for winter but I want to hold on to the colors just a little bit longer.


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Bromont Road Trip, Quebec, Canada

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