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Winter Bucket List Gear

Alpine Slide at Big Bear

We’ve gone and done it! We moved back to the north and winter is coming. We decided to embrace it and welcome the cold and snow by finding some of the best winter bucket list gear to make the snow a joyous experience. From a cool, new product to our favorite classics, here are three new pieces of winter gear to make our winter bucket list amazing.

Winter Bucket List Gear 

Number One: Eva All-Foam Snowshoes

We’re within a short drive from beautiful parks and all-season trails, and Mount Royal is only a few train stops away, putting snow shoeing on our winter bucket list of activities.

The Eva All Foam Snowshoe is made entirely of foam and has a rocker-shaped platform that makes snowshoeing better for everyone. When these babies arrived at my door, I thought the box must have held something else because it was way too light to be snowshoes. They are constructed of dual-density ethyelyene-vinyl-acetate (E-V-A), which is the lightest among all kinds of out-soles.They look and feel like a big running shoe yet fit feet sizes from 7 W to 14 M. From first timers to hard core enthusiasts, Eva All-Foam Snowshoes are a great fit.

Number Two: Roller Derby Ice Skates

Alpine 900 Womens Traditional Figure Ice Skates

Via Roller Derby

Would you believe that Athena has never gone skating before? I think I was on skates before I could walk. It’s the Canadian way. Hockey in Canada is like football in the US or soccer in Europe. It’s part of our culture. I think skating makes her more of a Canadian than her Canadian passport. I need to get her on the ice right away.

For me, I went with the Lake Placid Alpine 900 Women’s Traditional Figure Ice Skates. They reminded me of the skates I had as a child. Traditional, premium leather, form fitting, stainless steel blade, and water proof sole make these classic skates the perfect fit. They could last me a lifetime.

I wanted something a little more adjustable for Athena so she could get more than one season out of her skates. The Summit Girls Adjustable Ice Skates have a kid-friendly fit system that expands the skates up to 4 full sizes. This will allow her to wear them again and again without having to buy new skates every season. They are insulated for warmth and have a plush interior feel for comfort. The reinforced ankle support will provide extra stability and the sporty look won’t go out of style.

Number Three – Tube in a Box Sports Tube

Sledding at Alpine Slide, Big Bear

Although winter tubing isn’t new for Athena, it’s our favorite winter activity. We’ve gone in Big Bear and Mammoth in California and Athena talked about it for weeks after we left. Now, we just need to go for a short walk to find a hill for tubing. Within a couple weeks, there should be enough snow in Montreal to hit the hills.

We love riding together so I got a 45 inch Sports Tube that will hold both of us but I wanted to get a tube fit for Athena to use on her own as well. The 36 inch Sports Tube is designed for small riders who weigh under 120 lbs. It’s all about being comfortable and in control of the inner tube. The inside diameter is smaller so Athena won’t feel like she’s going to fall in the tube hole.

What other winter bucket list gear should we consider?

Skiing lesson in Mammoth, California

We thought about getting skies for all of us. We have four ski trips booked this year already and we hope to spend more time on the slopes. With the high cost of skies, though, we figured we’d wait to make sure it’s something Athena enjoys. She has one lesson under her belt and hopefully many more to come.

I didn’t get a skating helmet for Athena either, but I’m going to use her bike helmet. Are they really that different?

At the Dollar Store, they have cheap Crazy Carpets that will be perfect for small hills near our house or to put in the back of the SUV for an impromptu sledding session.

What’s on your winter bucket list?

Winter Bucket List Gear

We have plenty of winter bucket list fun on the way and a bunch of road trips to experience as much of winter as possible. With our snowshoes, skates, and tubes, we’re ready for snow!

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