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When I lived in California, the best wines in the world were at my fingertips. I visited California vineyards, found my favorite flavors, and developed a thirst for wine. Montreal, while it doesn’t have the same easy access to wine, is a wine-centric community as well. For my birthday, my mother purchased me a wine gift basket and had it delivered to my house. The world of buying wine online was open to me. This Christmas, we are visiting family in Wisconsin. We don’t arrive until December 24th, which gives us no time for shopping. It was this accumulation of wine focused thoughts and holiday gift giving that led me to I no longer need to stand in the liquor store staring at a wall of red wine bottles calling my name with little indication of their flavor worth other than a price tag. I can do all of my holiday wine shopping on and have it delivered to our doorstep.

Pinot Noir winecom makes knowledgeable wine buying fun and accessible. They offer over 10,000 wines every year from over 100 appellations and 50 grape varietals. Not only is there a huge selection, but they offer invaluable guidance to help you discover the best bottle of wine for your taste buds. Each option offers ratings, notes, and similar items.
Chardonnay wine.comI love red wine. It’s my first thought when I’m deciding what I’d like for dinner. I usually plan the meal around my bottle of red wine, but most of the women in my family prefer white wine – Chardonnay specifically. Since I don’t drink it as often, choosing a bottle of Chardonnay can be a taxing process for me, especially if I’m buying it from a wine store with little help. Buying a couple bottles of Chardonnay from was easy though. They have advanced search options based on kind and price so I could easily search for Chardonnay and base my purchase on detailed ratings and price points.

There is also a gifts section with perfect pairings and holiday options. We’ll be spending a few nights at a hotel during our stay and the Executive Selection Cabernet Quartet Wine Gift Basket will be the ideal addition to our hotel rooms. This collection of red wine is placed in a holiday holder with a bounty of gourmet foods. It serves as a Christmas gift and a delightful welcome to our hotel rooms.

Once I found the red and white wines and baskets that I liked, I just entered the address and the packages will be delivered. All of my adult Christmas shopping was complete and I didn’t need to leave my house. Even more notable, shipping was only 1-cent with the code DECSHIP. My only worry is that I couldn’t choose a specific delivery date. I wanted to order now but have the package delivered on a day closer to our arrival, which wasn’t an online option. There was an option to upgrade my shipment to Next Day Air shipping and plenty of customer care support chat windows to help with any questions during the ordering process, but I didn’t utilize it. (Maybe you’ll be smarter during your order and ask questions about skipping.) Here’s hoping that everything will keep until our arrival. Otherwise, I’m sure my family will find a spot in their belly for the perishables. Early Christmas gifts all around.Vineyard in California With, gone are the days of struggling to find the perfect holiday gift for adults, especially the wine lovers in my family.

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Red Wine for Christmas

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