Dogsledding in Quebec City with Chenil La Poursuite

Chenil La Poursuite dogsledding

When you recently moved to a magical winter wonderland, your bucket list items change from scuba diving and surfing to snowboarding and tubing. So naturally, an outdoor adventure that topped our Quebec bucket list was dogsledding in Quebec City. Chenil La Poursuite has a pack of 250 dogs, a network of private groomed trails through the woods, and a team of seasoned guides to lead the pack. During our recent Quebec City Winter Carnival trip, we made time to experience the thrill of driving a team of dogs with Chenil La Poursuite.
Dogsledding in Quebec City with Chenil La PoursuiteWe were warmly greeted by the dogs and the staff at Chenil La Poursuite when we arrived. Seeing so many beautiful dogs in one place was magical. They were excited and friendly, and so were we. I loved the ones with blue eyes most. It’s like looking at live crystals surrounded by the most precious, furry face.
Dogsledding in Quebec City with Chenil La PoursuiteAthena found an adorable little guy that she fell in love with. We wanted to take him home. If we had a place for him to run and enjoy the outdoors, I would have asked if he was for adoption. Children learn so much from having a pet. It’s one luxury I haven’t been able to give Athena yet but we’re hopeful for the near future.
Dogsledding in Quebec City with Chenil La PoursuiteOur guide gave us instructions and led us to our sleds. We were going to get to drive a team of dogs on our own. It was like my version of being a princess. I lead a pack of loyal dogs into a winter wonderland with sled skies as my palace.
Dogsledding in Quebec City with Chenil La PoursuiteAlthough the ground and trees were covered in snow, it was substantially warmer than the first time we tried dogsledding in Mont Tremblant. The warmer weather completely changed our experience. We could focus on enjoying the ride and the time with the dogs rather than worrying about frostbite on our toes.

Dogsledding in Quebec City seems to go hand-in-hand. You already have an unbelievable outdoor winter playground and a pack of over 250 beautiful Malamute Husky sled dogs await at Chenil La Poursuite. It’s one bucket list item that the whole family can enjoy. The only down side is that you’ll want to take all the dogs home with you.

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