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Bucket List Burger in Montreal

Notre Boeuf De Grace Bucket List Burger

One of the best things about moving to a new destination is discovering the food and culture. Since moving to Montreal a few months ago, we’ve created a slew of Montreal bucket lists for adventure, accommodations, culture, and food. During our hunt for the best bucket list burger in Montreal, we found Notre Boeuf De Grace. It’s an upscale, intimate burger restaurant with a fun atmosphere for singles and families. Once I tried their THOU SHALT BACON CHEESEBURGER JR with two 3oz beef patties, double bacon, double cheddar, ketchup, and mayo I was hooked. It’s one of those restaurants that everything you try on the menu makes you say, “this is the best I’ve ever had.”
Cheese Curds at Notre Boeuf De GraceFor starters, they have these insanely huge fried cheese curds that are bursting with cheesy goodness. They come in an order of three but you’d only need one each.
Notre Boeuf De Grace poutineIf you didn’t get enough cheese curds with the fried cheese curds, and believe me you can never get enough cheese curds, especially the fresh, squeaky ones served at Notre Boeuf De Grace, their poutine is exceptional. It’s made with a vegetarian house gravy, freshly cut fries, and local curds. The plate is larger enough for a full meal or to share.
Notre Boeuf De Grace NDG MontrealWe find the best way to enjoy the unbelievable cheese curd options as well as our favorite burger is to order the cheese curds as an appetizer and share the poutine and the burger. You can’t go to Notre Boeuf De Grace without trying their burger but you’ll want the poutine too so partner up and share it all.
THOU SHALT BACON CHEESEBURGER JROur favorite bucket list burger, the THOU SHALT BACON CHEESEBURGER JR makes my mouth water just looking at it! It’s so delicious, I’m willing to workout extra this week just so I can return again on the weekend. I better get my running shoes on because I’m going to be at Notre Boeuf De Grace a lot.

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