What To Do In Dubai

10 Things to Do in Dubai

What To Do In Dubai? Dubai is a city that you can’t even dream of until you see it for yourself. With outstanding architecture that will blow anyone’s mind and man-made islands that you can escape off too, it’s an absolute sight to see. If you’re thinking about going to Dubai, whether it be for a weeks holiday, or you plan on staying there longer, here’s what you can’t afford to miss!

What To Do In Dubai

Palm Jumeirah

Whenever you see clips on tv of Dubai, this is the thing that you always tend to see – the iconic man-made island created in the shape of a palm tree. Anyone that plans on visiting Dubai will most likely want to experience this. Tourists and locals still go to enjoy the mix of high-end hotels with a service that people can only ever dream of. If you’re looking for a luxury way of spending your time, then The Palm is just that.

Burj Khalifa

The Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest tower which in itself makes it a truly magnificent sight. Standing at 828 meters high, you can visit this place up close and personal, and even inside to see all of its incredible interiors. You are able to go as high as the 148th floor if you’re feeling brave enough, and peer at the view once you have settled yourself into the At The Top Sky Lounge.

The Dubai Mall

If you love to splash out the cash and splurge on shopping sprees, then this is the place to go. If you already have a preconceived idea on what a mall is – take that out of your head and replace it with this image – over 1200 shops, 150 restaurants, with an ice rink, a huge underwater aquarium, and even an indoor theme park. A day alone isn’t enough to experience this place, so it would be worth taking out a few days to really get the benefits of the Dubai Mall.

Ahlan Business Class Lounge

If you enjoy a bit of fine dining and giving your tastebuds a tantalising treat, then why not make it your duty to find the best restaurants in Dubai? The Ahlan Business Class Lounge provides you the finest prepared food, all from fresh ingredients handled by a selective group of top chefs. There are plenty of options too if you have different dietary requirements, like vegetarian and vegan friendly, halal, and gluten-free options.

Dubai Creek

If you want to experience how talented mother natural is, then you won’t want to miss the Dubai Creek. This is essentially a saltwater estuary that plays a big part in Dubai’s economy because it is part of the main water source where people go to fish and even pearl dive. You can go for a ride in the traditional abra across the waters to get a taste of how Dubai life was back in the day. It’s also a very affordable little trip, so you definitely get your value for money here with this attraction.



So now you have a few ideas on what to do in Dubai, get writing things down on your bucket list and cross them off as you go.

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