Top 10 Interesting Restaurants in Yerevan and Tbilisi

Restaurants in Yerevan and Tbilisi - Lavash

One of the most interesting things in traveling around foreign countries is discovering new flavors and trying national dishes in unique cafes and restaurants. Today we want to tell you about the most interesting restaurants in Yerevan and Tbilisi – two colorful and hospitable cities of the South Caucasus. We hope this information will help you a lot during your Caucasus trip.

Top 5 interesting Restaurants in Tbilisi

We will start our Georgia and Armenia itinerary with Tbilisi – the capital and the largest city of the country.


Address: Agmashenebeli Ave 132, Tbilisi
The restaurant deserves to be called the best in Tbilisi in all categories. First, Barbarestan is located in one of the most beautiful areas of the city. Agmashenebeli Avenue is a historical place of the 19th century and walking about the avenue you feel yourself in Europe.

The restaurant has two floors and a wine cellar. Each detail of the interior was carefully chosen and everything is harmonious.

Let’s move to the cuisine. The menu is made according to the recipes of the cookbook of Duchess Barbara Jorjadze, written in the 19th century. Looking through the menu you will forget for a moment that it is a Georgian restaurant, as besides traditional dishes you can find here all kinds of dishes with exotic names. You should definitely try them. In the end, ask the waitress to show you the book of Duchess’ recipes.


Address: Kostava Str., 77 Tbilisi
The Machakhela restaurant chain is popular all over the country, and one of them is located in the city center, on Liberty Square. From its windows opens a beautiful view of the Metekhi Bridge, the church and the rock.

Machakhela is first of all tastiest famous for its khachapuri (national cake with cheese). In the menu you can find all possible types of Georgian khachapuri. Make sure you come back here several times to try all the types. It is also worth trying khinkali (national dumplings with meat) in this restaurant: according to customers’ reviews, khinkali here is very tasty.

The restaurant has three floors and a large veranda. It is comfortable and cozy, however it is difficult to find vacant places especially on the veranda.

In the Shadow of Metekhi

Address: Tsamebuli passage, 29-a, Tbilisi
The restaurant is located in the old town, near the Metekhi church, in one of the most picturesque districts of the city. From the veranda of the restaurant, you can see a beautiful view of the old town and the fortress of Narikala.

In the authentic restaurant with real Georgian cuisine you will get to know Georgia better and feel its spirit.


taglaura restaurantTaglaura is another restaurant chain in Tbilisi, which represents delicious Georgian cuisine in the traditional Georgian atmosphere. So, what makes this restaurant so unique? First of all, we should mention its menu with the most delicious dishes. Secondly, the restaurant offers high-quality service. Interestingly, the quality of service in Georgian restaurants and cafes has nothing to do with the prices which are not high at all. Fortunately, everything is perfect in Taglaura.

In the restaurant, you can taste Georgian wine, but the most popular here is local beer. Taglaura has two small breweries producing fresh dark and light beer in place.


Address: Akaki Beliashvili Str. 75, Tbilisi
Tsiskvili is considered one of the most popular restaurants in the city as an inexpensive, but at the same time, high – quality restaurant. It’s not just a restaurant, but a whole museum with unique exhibits. The walls are decorated with musical instruments, clay and metal artifacts.

The windows of the restaurant overlook the river Kura, in the garden there is a small waterfall. And finally, every day after 20:00 everyone can enjoy a show of the national dance ensemble with live music.

Despite the fact that the restaurant is located far from the city center, it is definitely worth visiting and trying the dishes of Georgian cuisine.

Top 5 interesting restaurants in Yerevan


Address: North Avenue 5, Yerevan
Tsirani home-restaurant is one of the most popular and colorful restaurants with traditional Armenian cuisine. It is located in the very center of Yerevan, on the Northern Avenue where all the most fashionable and expensive boutiques are lined up.

The interior of the restaurant represents the perfect combination of modern minimalism with colorful Armenian designs, warm oak and carpets. The menu features popular Armenian dishes. From serving dishes you will get aesthetic pleasure, and only then enjoy the taste of traditional dishes.


Address: Tumanyan Str. 21, Yerevan
Lavash restaurant with a unique name has become a totally new word in the city. What is special about this restaurant? The first thing that catches one’s eye is the interior in a vintage style. It’s quite unusual for an Armenian restaurant, and that is just the beginning. The key dish of the restaurant is the Armenian brduch, the favorite Armenian snack for breakfast with different stuffing wrapped in pieces of lavash (national pita bread).

The restaurant is mainly specialized in the traditional Armenian dishes, however there are popular European dishes in a unique interpretation, a la “Lavash”. The main dish, lavash bread is baked on the spot. Moreover, in Lavash shop you can buy not only tasty and fresh lavash, but also Armenian cheese, sour-milk products and sweets. Of course, all products are environmentally friendly and fresh.


Address: Abovyan Str. 8, Yerevan
Walking along Abovyan Street – the most picturesque street of Yerevan, be sure to visit the restaurant Vostan. This is another authentic restaurant injected with spirit of Armenian hospitality.

The restaurant is located in a building built in 1884. The very first and unforgettable impression is a huge wooden door with patterns that has been restored. The interior is made in the old style with a patio, vintage stair rails and wooden balconies. Well, the restaurant’s cuisine is a separate topic. Traditional Armenian cuisine is presented in the best way for real gourmets. In addition, the wine cellar of the restaurant will offer you to taste home-made wines and choose one for dinner.

When leaving, look into the restaurant’s shop, where homemade jams, canned vegetables, Armenian basturma, sweet soujukh and much more is sold.

Kilikia Beer House

Address: Abovyan Str. 8, Yerevan
Yes, yes, we remember that this is the top of interesting restaurants, not beer-houses, and yet we decided to include Kilikia Beer House in this list as an interesting alternative with traditional cuisine.

Kilikia Beer House is a three-story restaurant. On the ground floor, there is a pub, on the first floor there is a restaurant and a lounge bar on the second floor. The restaurant serves beers of the Yerevan factory, which are served with a traditional snack.

Fish House

Address: North Avenue 1/5, Yerevan
This unique top of interesting Armenian restaurants will be incomplete without Fish House with non-traditional cuisine. Well, everything is very beautiful and exquisite. This is the only grilled house restaurant with the menu of seafood dishes. The menu is made according to the Mediterranean style and spiced up with a pinch of Armenian color.

The wine list perfectly complements every dish. The wine cellar of the restaurant stores both Armenian and foreign wines.

What would you add to your list of restaurants in Yerevan and Tbilisi?

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  1. Dafna says:

    I really love to travel and try tasty food too, so from traveling to another country I enjoy with full.I visited “Lavash”, if you want to try real Armenian cuisine, then you must go there.

  2. Dafna says:

    I really love to travel and try tasty food too, so from traveling to another country I enjoy with full.I visited “Lavash”, if you want to try real Armenian cuisine, then you must go there.

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