What Are Your Options If You Never Want to Go Home

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Travelling is something that can give you a chance to experience all the wonders of the world firsthand. The travel bug is famous for biting and never letting go. If you’re one of those who just can’t stop travelling, what are your options if you never want to go home? As incredible of an experience as travelling is, you can’t do it if you don’t have any money. Thankfully, there are plenty of opportunities to live and work anywhere in the world so you can continue to fund your passion.

Depending on what is best for you, there will always be something you can find that will allow you to continue your odyssey across the globe and go home only when you are ready. Here are some of the best options for keeping that travel itch scratched for a little while longer.

Options If You Never Want to Go Home


Teacher ParticipantsMany people who go abroad for an extended period choose to teach English as a foreign language (TEFL). Typically, they will obtain their certificate before leaving, but there is also the possibility to earn it when at your destination, too.

Teaching English, whether it be a TEFL or CELTA, will give you the chance to teach in private or government schools where you will meet like-minded expats to expand your social circle. Furthermore, teaching abroad is an excellent option for those who are considering a career in teaching and can give you the experience to decide whether it is right for you.

And when it comes to accommodation, you can find property in Malaysia and other countries that will allow you to stay as long as you need either renting month-to-month or over a year, depending on how long your contract lasts for.


Starting a travel blog gives you the opportunity to record all of your experiences and share them with the world. 
Budding travelers are always looking for advice on where to go and what to see, so giving them the information you need by sharing all the tricks and secrets of the world that you have personally experienced. Over time, you can hope to start building a reputation and receive endorsement and funding to continue your travels and see even more of the wide and wild world.


Haiti Volunteer PhotographyVolunteering for charities across the world will give you the chance to give something back and make a change for the good. While at first this does not pay, you can receive sponsorship from others that will allow you to do your bit in some of the poorest places on the planet.

Whether you want to work with elephants in Thailand or protect the rainforests of South America, organisations are always looking for enthusiastic individuals to help them fight for the right cause. Furthermore, you will have the chance to go wherever you are needed and experience a different side of travel that many people do not see.


Companies are always looking for excellent and captivating photos from all over the world, and there is the potential for you to provide them with this. Everyone loves taking pictures that document their travels and so why not make money from them as well?

No matter if you take pictures of monkeys swinging from tree to tree or alligators skulking beneath the surface of the water, there is the perfect picture out there that people will pay money to buy from you. The world is awash with unique photo opportunities, and so being the first to find them could pay off big in the long run.


Hostel in Cerro NegroWorking in a hostel will allow you to stay in a country for as long as your visa will allow. While you may not be making any money during this time, as hostels only accept volunteers and (typically) won’t pay you in most circumstances, you can rest assured that you will have a roof over your head and a bed to retire to every night.

Hostels sometimes get a bad reputation. However, they are some of the most exciting and friendly places in the world. Depending on the needs of the owner you can work as a receptionist, on the bar, or doing cleaning or kitchen services that will allow you meet all of the guests and build connections during your travels.


For the writers among us, finding journalism opportunities for companies all over the world is something that can give you some experience in your desired field, build your portfolio, and introduce you to networking opportunities that you can rely on later in life.

There are many English language publications both online and in print all over the world including Bangkok Coconuts in Thailand and The Bogota Post in Colombia. Typically, these companies will offer paid internships to start you off, and you can work as part of a newsroom that relies on you to create content and get your name next to published works.

You will work with experienced journalists to give you tips and advice on how to improve and be part of a team that is often looking to build something out of nothing. Furthermore, you will get the chance to learn more about the country you are in and be the first to report of important events wherever you are in the world.


surf camp penicheGetting the opportunity to travel for as long as you please is something that you should never elect to miss out on, and it makes it a lot easier when you know your options if you never want to go home. There is so much of the world to see that you will undoubtedly want to see as much of it as you can. As long as you can continue to make money in a way that will fund your lifestyle you can enjoy this experience while you can and never be filled with regret later on in life. You have seen it all, done it all, and feel richer for it.

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