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Sleep Bucket List with Silk & Snow

Sleep Bucket List - Silk & Snow mattress

I don’t just have a travel bucket list and an adventure bucket list. DIY projects, decorating, and home renovations are a huge part of my yearly bucket list so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I actually have a sleep bucket list.

My sleep bucket list includes: find the most comfortable mattress, buy a king-sized bed, find bedding that fits my personality, avoid having a tv in the bedroom, and find pillows that keep my head in the clouds.

Now that we’re back in Canada, our house is a little more spacious and a king-sized bed is a possibility so I felt like it was time to make my sleep bucket list a reality. I painted a few of my favorite old furniture pieces and printed canvas prints from my trips to hang on the walls. The only piece of furniture that I wanted brand new was a king-sized bed and a comfy mattress with temperature responsiveness. Moreover, sleeping position is also an important thing that is related to buying a bed. For example if you are a side sleeper then it it not good for you to sleep on regular bed rather than sleeping on soft bed in a box for side sleepers.

After spending days researching on Wayfair, I found the king bed frame for me. It’s a high upholstered panel bed that makes me feel like royalty. A beautiful base is what really makes a master suite marvelous and it was a great starting point for my sleep bucket list. Now that I found the bed, I needed a huge king mattress that was equally bucket list worthy. There are plenty of choices online, but when I found Silk & Snow, it caught my attention. Could a bed in a box with a fair price tag actually give me the comfortable rest I envisioned? With 100 night, risk free guarantee and free shipping, with returns that are just as painless, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try.
Silk & Snow Mattress box - sleep bucket listThe Silk & Snow mattress arrived in a compact box. I dragged it into the bedroom and cut open the tape. It was rolled up in packing plastic and when I cut it open, I could see the mattress expanding. I rolled it out on the frame so I wouldn’t need to lug it once it was expanded. I managed to open it and move it on my own with very little difficulty.

Sleep Bucket List - Silk & Snow mattressOnce the mattress expanded, I sat on it, laid on it, and rolled around on it and it was like one large, fully pillow under my body. I was excited to test it out for the night, but first, I gave the kids a chance to play on it before making the bed for the first time.

I would always suggest on getting the best rated bed types like this one.
Silk & Snow Mattress box - sleep bucket listWhat I love most about the mattress is that it’s a dense foam mattress that offers soft responsiveness yet it’s still very supportive. The mattress uses 4″ of memory foam with one 2″ layer being more responsive so you get the benefits of memory foam but it also has a good amount of bounce. On a more personal note, when Athena came running in the room the next morning and started jumping on the bed, I hardly noticed. She was on the opposite side and the dense foam provided a great barrier between her and my comfy sleep.

Additionally, it’s fairly temperature neutral. You definitely don’t have the major heat retention issues like the old memory foam mattresses. Unlike traditional memory foam mattresses, the Silk & Snow mattress is designed to help you sleep cool. During our first night in the bedroom, the air temperature was colder than expected with a spring snow upon us, but we slept comfortably under the blanket without feeling sticky or too hot against the mattress.
Silk & Snow Mattress box - sleep bucket listThe mattress comes with a top cover that is made from natural materials. It is unique in that it is infused with silver and is supposed to help prevent the growth of unwanted bacteria.  The silver technology is woven into the fibers, allowing the fabric to feel soft and luxurious.

Silk and Snow also offers a 15 year warranty while the industry average is ten years.
Silk & Snow Mattress box - sleep bucket listHaving a great sleep is the key to being productive and being ready to create bucket list memories. Having a great sleep is the key to having a great day and I wanted a mattress with exceptional reviews and service. Silk & Snow delivered a mattress with a noticeable difference for a reasonable price with exceptional warranty. I wish all purchases were so flawless.

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