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Best Montreal Steakhouse

Queue de Cheval - Best Montreal Steakhouse

Every city center is bound to have a steakhouse that stands above the rest for exceptional signature cuts and you can’t talk about steakhouses in Montreal without including La Queue de Cheval. It’s one of the most prestigious fine dining spots in the city, featuring signature cuts of aged USDA prime steaks dried in-house along with other PRIME graded beef from parts of Canada, with a selection of Japanese and Austrailian Wagyu A5, A9+. There is a reason why La Queue de Cheval is consistently rated the best Montreal steakhouse. Their attention to detail, their outstanding ingredients, and remarkable staff make Queue de Cheval bucket list worthy.

We stopped by for lunch today and our choices will leave your mouth watering.
Caesar Salad at Queue de Cheval, Montreal, QuebecI started with a Caesar Salad and even their salad is topped with extra goodness. The pieces of pork belly were the best addition to a Caesar Salad that I ever had and the fresh anchovies added another pop of flavor.

Queue de Cheval filet mignon, MontrealYou don’t go to Queue de Cheval for the salad though. This place is for meat-lovers and you need to order a steak. I went with my favorite, a filet mignon. It was wrapped with a smoked pork belly bacon and covered with beurre maitre. I don’t believe there is any other way to cook it other than medium rare and it was cooked to perfection. I coupled it with fries to be completely hedonistic. When they brought out a special ketchup and I dipped my fries, I decided that if I ever had to choose a last meal, this would be it.

Queue de Cheval dessert, MontrealI considered ordering another filet mignon as my dessert but when I heard about their decadent cheesecake dipped in chocolate, I couldn’t say no. A shot of espresso on the side was the perfect close to the meal.

Queue de Cheval boasts an award-winning wine cellar, and the finest spirits, Cognacs, and Signle Malts, along with  an Angry Lobster Bar in the lower level, that has a showcase of the freshest Oysters and shellfish. All of that is icing on the cake, but go for the steak and stay for the rest.
Queue de Cheval, Montreal, QuebecQueue de Cheval isn’t cheap. The meal is going to cost you a pretty penny but it is by far the best Montreal steakhouse. Go for a special date. Go for an anniversary. Go for a birthday. Or just go because it is the best Montreal steakhouse and your taste buds will thank you for it. I’ve tried filet mignon in different countries all over the world and there are very few places that can top the amazing cut I received at Queue de Cheval.

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