Travel to Turkey: Things to See, Do, and Eat

Spices at the spice Bazar in Istanbul

With places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi growing year on year, many tourists wanting to visit the middle east will often flock to these locations. Turkey, however, has been a popular choice for many decades, and it’s incredible landscapes, friendly locals, and gorgeous weather it’s certainly not one to overlook for your next travel destination. Here are just a few of the reasons to travel to Turkey.

Travel to Turkey: Things to See, Do, and Eat

Travel to Turkey: Things to See and Do

Beautiful lights in the new mosque and people praying

Turkey is home to some truly spectacular architecture, and spending time browsing the palaces, mosques, and museums should be on your list.

Visit Pamukkale, a town in western Turkey known for the mineral-rich thermal waters where you can bathe in the incredible warm water terraces. If you want to experience some evening entertainment,

Taksim is a busy nightlife, shopping and dining district for you to explore. There are movie theaters, cafes, restaurants and much more with plenty of transportation in and out.

If adventure is your game, Turkey is perfectly placed to take advantage of rock climbing and mountain biking. Popular rock climbing destinations in Turkey include Geyikbayiri, Butterfly Valley, Karataslar, Cakit Valley, Kemaliye, Kackar Mountains, Kokluce Canyon, Narlidere, Kas. Mountain biking is possible at any time of the year in Turkey. Cappadocia is famous with her valleys not only for hiking and walking tour also for bicycle tours. Every year, International Cappadocia Bicycle Festival is organized in the region and many bikers from all around the world come to this spectacular region. The Kackar Mountains are home to some of Turkey’s most fantastic wildlife and you will be one of the first to ride these trails. This is true adventure for mountain biking lovers.

If the beach is why you’ve traveled to Turkey, then you won’t be disappointed with it’s stunning Aegean coast. With accommodation like the Renaissance Izmir Hotel nearby you can be a stone’s throw away from sand and sea if that’s what you’re after. Whether you’re after excitement, hustle and bustle, or something more relaxed, there’s plenty for you to see and do in Turkey.

Travel to Turkey: Shopping

Known for its incredible bazaars, Turkey gives you the opportunity to purchase stunning pieces of design made by local craftspeople. Vendors sell everything from leather to jewelry, ceramics, clothes, gifts and much more. Haggling is all part of the experience, and you’re welcome to barter with the seller to get a reduced price- although this will already be a lot lower than in the west! You could go shopping at the Grand Bazaar, this is a huge historic network of indoor souks & market streets. The bazaars in Istanbul and Istanbul Handicrafts Centre are others worth paying a visit to.

Travel to Turkey: Food and Drink

Istanbul's many spices

Trying out the food and drink of a destination is always fun when you’re travelling, and the cuisine in Turkey takes you right to the heart of its culture. Turkish people are sociable and family orientated, and eating is a chance for everyone to get together. Foods are largely the heritage of Ottoman cuisine, made up mainly of Central Asian, Middle Eastern and Balkan ingredients and cooking styles. Meats and vegetables are cooked in lashings of olive oil and seasoned to perfection. Some of the most popular herbs and spices in Turkish cuisine include oregano, chilli flakes, cinnamon, cumin and sumac. Being a predominantly muslim country, pork isn’t eaten for religious reasons- however chicken, lamb, beef and other meats are all popular. Raki is the most popular alcoholic drink in Turkey, and is a strong spirit with an aniseed taste.

Istanbul's Iconic fish sandwich

Turkey is ideal for a romantic trip, an adventure, or even a solo getaway just because there’s so much it has to offer. If you’re considering where to go on your next trip, Turkey should be on your shortlist!

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