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Add Cablz to Your Travel Gear

Cablz glasses retainers

There are some products that are just too great not to add to your travel gear, and Cablz should be on the top of your list. They are eyewear retainers designed to be attached to your glasses and keep them from falling off your head. Regardless if you like extreme adventure travel or relaxing on the beach, Cablz keep your glasses where they should be. We tested them out during our trip to Beaches Negril, Jamaica and fell in love with the design and function.
Cablz glasses retainersAthena was the perfect tester for Cablz. During our time at Beaches Negril, Jamaica, she wore her glasses in the pool, on the beach, on boat trips, and on banana boat rides. Not only did her glasses say on her face and protect her eyes, but not once did she ask me where her glasses were. She never misplaced them and she had them with her everywhere we went. It was the first time I didn’t need to bring multiple pairs of glasses because they were lost or misplaced. She never complained of the sun in her eyes or the light bothering her. We used her glasses and Cablz as much as her bathing suit; maybe even more.
Testing Cablz under waterI used my Cablz as much as Athena. Even at the Beaches Negril waterpark, I never took them off. If getting dumped on with a huge bucket of water and still not losing my glasses, isn’t a testament to how fantastic Cablz are, nothing is. I never took them off yet even in the heat, they didn’t hang on my neck or get sweaty. They didn’t lie on my neck or irritate my skin because of the unique ball bearing technology.

Cablz can be folded to be put away without being kinked, then it returns back to its intended position by having the freedom to spin inside the rubber attachments.

Cablz glasses retainersCablz come in a variety of sizes so they fit all three of us. Cord wore his every day, and in every situation, as well. Even when we went snorkeling, Cord and I just put our glasses around our neck while we worn our masks. It’s easy to adjust the Zipz to wear Cablz extended at regular length of adjusted for a closer, more secure fit.
Cablz Eyewear RetainersKid and adult tested and approved, Cablz were the perfect addition to our travel gear, especially during our trip to the Caribbean where we wore glasses from morning until night.

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