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Full Face Snorkeling Mask Kids Edition

Full face snorkeling mask by Cobra Mask

We had seen a full face snorkeling mask but not for kids. I knew if I found one for Athena, she’d love it and I could convince her to join us while snorkeling in the ocean. When I found the Cobra Mask for Kids, I knew it would be a great addition for our trip to Beaches Negril, Jamaica. With unlimited snorkeling from the Seven Mile Beach shore and unlimited boat trips for snorkeling, I didn’t want her to float around with her face out of the water because she didn’t like using a traditional snorkel. Cobra Mask offers a full face snorkeling mask kids edition and it was exactly what we needed for our trip.

Cobra Mask – The Full Face Snorkeling Mask Kids Edition

Cobra Mask Kids EditionCobra Mask Kids Edition is a youth mask designed to fit children from ages 5 years and above. It is equipped with a camera mount and it comes in one, adjustable size. Athena first tested it out in the pool. She put the mask on her face and I pulled the strap over her head. It was a little loose at first but it was easy to adjust the straps.

When we had the right fit, she put her face in the water. She took several deep breaths and realized she could breath perfectly fine. She was doing it! It was already further than I’d gotten before with a traditional snorkel and mask.

She swam around for a few minutes, enjoying her nee freedom to see clearly under water without coming up for air.

While testing her new abilities, she tried to dive down deeper in the water. The mask pressure was tighter around her face and she had to hold her breathe but no water went into her mask. It frightened her a little at first and she came up to tell me that she couldn’t breathe.

Once I explained that she needed the surface air to breathe under water still, she understood a little better. Because no water went in her mouth, it was less intense and she was willing to try again.

Cobra Mask Kids Edition

She quickly became so comfortable in the pool that she swam around without any help. She wanted to keep her face in the water the whole time. She was proud, too, and told all the other kids about her new found love for snorkeling. It was time to test out the ocean.

Snorkeling in Negril, JamaicaWhen we went into the ocean, she didn’t hesitate at all. She jumped off the boat, held her breath, and came back up to the surface. No water was in her mask or snorkel and she was calm. She said, “Mom, there are fish in there!” It was the first time she could see fish in the water while she was in it.

She put her face back in the water, held my hand, and we snorkeled together. I was so proud of her. We could finally experience the beauty of the under water world together.

Even when we saw tons of fish, she didn’t get scared.

I was surprised with all of the activity, the mask didn’t fog up or get any water in it. We snorkeling for thirty minutes before returning to the boat. When we went on the boat, she said, “Can we come back again tomorrow?”

Every other time we tried to snorkel, and we tried a lot, she was too scared to do it, she didn’t like breathing in the snorkeling, and when water entered the snorkel, she was done. I couldn’t convince her. Now that we had the Cobra Mask Kids Edition, I couldn’t get her out of the water. It’s a remarkable invention that we won’t visit the Caribbean without.

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