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A Big Girl Bike for Adventurous Kids

Kids Bikes Canada - Big Girl Bike

Is your little girl a Daredevil? Does she constantly push the limits and somehow come out on the other side of them braver and more confident than before? I feel like I’m constantly saying, “Oh no; are you going to attempt that?” I’m sure it’s part of being a mother or maybe she’s learning a little too much from me, but we’re both always dreaming about the next great extreme adventure for our bucket list. One adventure that I feel like we can have together is biking. In just one year, she’s gone from needing training wheels to being ready for mountains and jumps. We’re on the same page when it comes to weaving down trails and maneuvering around rocks so I knew it was time to get her a big girl bike, one that allows her to go big while still being safe.
Owl 20" Single Speed Big Girl Bike from Kids Bikes CanadaCleary makes lightweight, strong bikes just for kids and you can get them in Canada with Kids Bikes Canada. Every Cleary bike is built by hand from thin gauge steel and alloy component parts to the highest quality specifications. Cleary’s steel frames are painted beautifully with three layers of paint and protective clear coat so they stay gorgeous. Steel and strong, Cleary bikes have no rider weight limit. Steel is tough; Cleary bikes will survive anything your kids can dish out. Each Cleary bike has a lifetime warranty on all manufacturer’s defects.
Owl 20" Single SpeedAthena wants to ride on mountains, weave around rocks, and attempt simple tricks but she still wants to do it in style. She is a princess warrior who wants to wear a tutu everywhere she goes. This weekend, I convinced her to ditch the tutu, for safety, and we took her new Cleary bike for a test ride.

Athena chose the Owl 20″ Single Speed Cleary bike in Sorta Pink. She loves the slim race-style and the vegan leather saddle adds class. She always jumps at the chance to choose hot pink so she can easily match her outfit.

The bike is lightweight and easy for me to throw in the back of the SUV. We took it up to Summit Woods and I let her go free.

At first, she rode slowly, testing her handlebars and brake levers. They fit her tiny hands perfectly and comfortably. The handlebars have grips and they are slightly raised up for comfort. It wasn’t long before she was going faster and faster down the trail. As long as she was in control and braking properly, I let her go.
Owl 20" Single Speed Bikes for KidsWhen she reached a difficult rocky section or a narrow pass, she’d stop and assess it first and decide if it was passable for her on her bike. It didn’t take long before she was riding over the rocks instead of around them. The sturdy, larger big girl bike gave her the added confidence to try things that made her nervous before.

We had build up getting a big girl bike from Kids Bikes Canada and Athena was a huge part of the process. We picked it out together online and talked about how the tires, the handlebars, and the sturdy frame were all perfect for adventurous little girls ready to take on the mountains. It all made her excited to ride and when the time came to hit the trails, she was ready. We had a great weekend exploring the hills and we look forward to developing her biking skills as we ride together.

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