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Flying at SkyVenture Montreal

SkyVenture Montreal

Have you ever had a dream where you’re flying and it feels so unobstructed, freeing, and beautiful? I’ve had that dream since I was a child and yesterday it became a reality at SkyVenture Montreal. We defied the law of gravity in an indoor freefall simulator. From the minute I entered the SkyVenture Montreal simulator, I was overcome with pure joy as I lived my greatest dream of unobstructed flying.
SkyVenture Montreal I had The Absolute Package that included four minutes of freefall time. The whole SkyVenture Montreal experience lasted about two hours. We began our package with in-class training with an instructor. He was so kind and laid-back that we instantly felt at ease. He explained the process and the hand signals before providing us with all the necessary equipment for flying.

When the air lifted me off the ground and I was flying without a plane or a parachute, I was bursting with joy. It didn’t feel like reality. The slightest movement of my hands or my head turned me or lifted me upwards. I was in control and it was powerful.

The first session lasted sixty seconds. When I returned to the waiting area while Athena flew, I let out a scream of excitement that could most likely be heard throughout the entire building. I was like a kid returning home from grandma and grandpy’s place full of sugar, excited to tell my parents about the adventure. I couldn’t sit. I was too anxious to get back in the simulator.

SkyVenture Montreal

I watched Athena fly higher and higher and I was equally filled with excitement for her accomplishments.  Doing it as a family was more rewarding. We could share this remarkable feeling and truly understand how special it is because we did it together.

SkyVenture Montreal

During my second time in the simulator, I learned how to spin and control direction. Every step felt more and more liberating and gave me more control. I wasn’t just a passive participate in the experience; I was actively participating and developing flying skills.

SkyVenture MontrealOn the last flight, two minutes in length, the instructor held on to me and we fly higher up into the simulator together in a tandem flight. I wanted to live in that moment for hours, lifting higher and higher into the air. I was hooked.

SkyVenture Montreal gives you all the joy of freefall with absolute minimum risk. Kids as young as four can participate and, as you can see from Athena’s height, it’s an adventure for the whole family. We never felt nervous or fearful. It was just beautiful and empowering. It’s rare that I find an adventure that I want to do over and over again because there is still so much new to experience but I can’t wait to get back to SkyVenture Montreal.

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