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Choosing Celebrity Xpedition for Your Galapagos Trip

Celebrity Xpedition in the Galapagos

The Galapagos Islands are a majestic place filled with new, unique life that can’t be experienced anywhere else in the world. Traveling to the Galapagos is a major bucket list adventure so choosing how you’re going to get there is almost as important as the destination itself. You don’t want to waste a single moment worrying about logistics or details, which is why I’d suggest Celebrity Xpedition for your Galapagos journey. Their Galapagos adventures are all-inclusive, worry-free, and well-planned right down to the last detail. On Celebrity Xpedition, you can immerse yourself in landscape, catch rare bird sightings, hang out with 100-year-old giants, and search for dragons all while being certain you’re going to receive the finest quality and service. There are plenty of reasons to choose Celebrity Xpedition for your Galapagos trip, but these are our top five.

5 Reasons to Choose Celebrity Xpedition for Your Galapagos Trip

Number One: All-Inclusive
Dining on Celebrity Xpedition
When you set foot aboard Celebrity’s state-of-the-art 100-passenger ship, be prepared for an experience like no other. Filled with indulgences, including room service, in-suite dining, dining under the stars, casual, open-seating dining in Darwin’s Restaurant, massage services, laundry services, in-room air conditioning, complimentary plush bathrobes, a fitness room, nightly lectures by certified naturalists from the Galapagos National Park, and live music and complimentary drinks in the Discovery Lounge, you’ll experience the Galapagos Islands with style.

Included on every Celebrity Galapagos package of 10 or more nights:
7-night All-Inclusive Galapagos cruise on one of their three luxury vessels
Round-trip flights between Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
All tour transfers to/from ship, hotels and airports
Luxury hotel and ship accommodations throughout
Meet and greet services at all in-destination airports for transfers and tours
VIP check-in and check-out at all hotels
Multiple fully-escorted and immersive tours and excursions in each location visited
Meals and non-alcoholic beverages throughout your tour and at hotels
In-destination luggage service including compliance with mandatory Galapagos agricultural inspection
All tour entrance fees
Celebrity Concierge Service/tour escort throughout your journey
All gratuities

Number Two: Views
Erupting volcano in the GalapagosEven when you’re not on shore or in the Galapagos waters, the views on Celebrity Xpedition are spectacular. From the Panorama Deck, you can catch a sunrise or a sunset, or if you’re truly lucky enough, you can watch an erupting volcano from the safety of the ship. The Sunrise Deck is home to a hot tub and sunning area where you can unwind from head to toe after a day’s exploration and soak up the inspiring views.

Number Three: Staff and Crew on the ShipCrew on Celebrity XpeditionEach day on the ship, we were greeted with warm smiles and excited staff. There was always the perfect cup of coffee waiting for us and when we returned from a busy day of exploration, we were greeted with a cool towel and thoughtful extras to help us rejuvenate and recharge.

The staff felt like family. Louis, at the Lounge, awaited my return daily. He crafted me drinks and asked about all of my experiences. His genuine interest and excellent memory made it feel like I was chatting with an old friend.

The zodiac boats brought us to the islands and staff was always on hand to help us get on board safely and they were there waiting to hear all about our adventures upon our return.

The maid service deserves a special note as well. I had one maid during the week on board. She carefully placed my sandals in the window ledge to dry so I wouldn’t have cold feet on the next adventure. She folded my clothes and left fresh snacks next to my bed almost every time I left the room. She made sure all of my camera gear was carefully placed on the desk if I forgot it on the bed and she warmly greeted me each time I saw her in the hall.

Finally, and unfortunately, I can attest the the medical services on the ship as well. After a nasty fall and worrying about a broken wrist, I visited Maria, the doctor on board. Admittedly, I burst into tears the moment I entered her room. I was in so much pain and I was trying to avoid crying in front of everyone on the ship that I couldn’t stand it anymore once I was behind closed doors. Maria gently check my wrist and arm for breaks and cleaned up my cuts and scraps. She kindly handed me tissue for my tears and patiently checked me over. Once we were certain it wasn’t broken, she gave me everything I could need to take care of it. She visited my room twice in the next 24 hours to make sure I didn’t need anything or have any questions. I received better and faster medical attention than I could have received at home in Montreal. You never want to be the one to test the medical facilities on board, but I can certainly vouch for their excellent services.

Number Four: Naturalists
Naturalists on Celebrity XpeditionCelebrity Xpediton had expert on-board guides certified by Galapagos National Park. They were always on hand to educate us on the islands and to demonstrate their commitment to preserving the delicate ecosystem.

Each day, there were multiple landings with different options and small group sizes. Usually, there was a long walk and a short walk, with a Naturalist leading each group. The Naturalists were extremely knowledgeable and answered every question thrown their way without hesitation. One afternoon, I tried to stump one of the Naturalists that I was particularly fond of with researched questions I was certain would be impossible to answer on the spot. She was like a Jeopardy contestant buzzing in with the correct answer at every turn. I was in complete awe and admiration of her knowledge. We both had a good laugh when I told her what I’d done and how I tried to stump her.

Number Five: Experiences
Sea lion pup in Galapagos
Celebrity Xpedition allows you to immerse yourself in centuries-old landscapes, catch rare bird sightings, hang out with giant 100-year-old tortoises, and snorkel with endemic marine life. One day, we were watching a blue-footed booby dancing in search of a mate. Another day, we were snorkeling with sea lions, turtles, sting rays, sharks, and penguins. We watched a baby sea lion learn to walk and a baby booby still in the nest with its mom. We witnessed hundreds of iguanas sunning and a volcano erupting. It was a lifetime of Galapagos bucket list experiences packed into one week with Celebrity Xpedition.

Celebrity Xpedition Galapagos Islands

Celebrity Xpedition makes you feel like you’re in a luxury hotel with all of the finest amenities and attentive staff but you have better views and some of the most amazing wild opportunities of your lifetime.

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