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Translate Languages with Langogo


Traveling has been the greatest gift in our lives. We have been able to experience things we didn’t even think were possible. After visiting more than 100 countries and discovering different cultures and bucket list adventures, we’ve only had one major struggle – the language barrier. Without a device to translate languages, we’ve found ourselves unable to communicate during critical moments of our travels, ending up lost or confused about transportation, accommodations, or experiences. Langogo is the answer to eliminate this issue, allowing us to communicate in 60 languages in seconds. Langogo is a handheld device that translates speech to speech between 60 languages, offering accurate and natural-sounding translations. AI assistant, Euri has notable skills to converse with you and find answers to trip advice, directions, and exchange rates. Langogo has found a place in my travel essentials.

Langogo is super easy to use! You can easily pick languages and change them with the push of a button. Langogo speaks the way a local would speak, powered by AI and Neural Machine Translation. There are options for Canadian French or France French. Similarly, you can choose Spain Spanish or Mexican Spanish so there are few language location barriers.

Translate Languages with LangogoTo speak into Langogo, you just hold in the right button to speak and release to translate. Both the spoken words and the translation show up on the screen and Langogo clearly says the translation out loud so you don’t need to worry about reading it properly.  Dual microphone and one noise cancellation chip translate your true speech, not the noise and there is volume control so you can adjust it depending on your location. Translate Languages with LangogoWe use Langogo in our own city as much as we use it during our travels. Living in Montreal, the official language is French, but our knowledge of the French language is limited. Langogo allows us to explore the city without language restrictions. It’s helpful when discovering new places in the city or when driving outside the city where even less English is spoken.

Translate Languages with LangogoIn most places, we use Wi-Fi to utilize Langogo but it’s also a Smart Wi-Fi Hotspot. SIM free to roam in 72 countries when you land on the airport and connect up to 6 devices with the adoption of Cloud-Sim Technology and Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities.

Whether you want to order food, get directions, arrange accommodations, or just chat with locals, Langogo is a revolutionary solution to translate languages fast and accurately.

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