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Phone Camera Gear Perfect for Travelers

stuff4camera phone photo gear

You all know by now that I pack light. I only take what I can carry on the plane regardless if I’m going for a day or a month. Even in the middle of winter when I need to pack heavy snow pants, jackets, and layers, I still only bring carry-on bags. Even if Athena and I are traveling together and we’re going for several weeks, it’s still just carry-on bags. That doesn’t leave a lot of room for photo gear so tiny add-on phone camera gear options are the best. Stuff4Camera is a great site for all of your phone camera gear needs. They offer lens, tripods, and even a shutter remote control. It’s perfect for travelers that love professional-looking photos but don’t want to carry a bulky, expensive DSLR camera. Check out some of their gear that I added to my carry-on essentials list.

TRIPOD stuff4camera

I combined the Flexible, Light Weight Tripod with GRIP Rig Stabilizer and Tripod ADAPTER Mount so I would have a light weight tripod for both my phone and my camera. It’s just one tripod for both so I have the option to bring my DSLR if I want or I can leave it home and still use the tripod with my phone.

Clip-on Phone Camera LENS: Wide-Angle and Macro

Clip-on Phone Camera LENS: Wide-Angle and Macro

Clip-on Phone Camera LENS: Wide-Angle and Macro

Additionally, the Clip-on Phone Camera Lens: Wide-Angle and Macro add two lens to my phone camera gear in one small attachment. This lens attachment magnifies up to 10X or exaggerate up to 50%. The fisheye lens offer full frame and lets you capture every detail at a 120° wide angle view. The 10x macro lens magnifies subjects and offers an amazing depth of field. The universal clip is hassle-free and it even fits on your phone with a phone case. The lenses features HD optical glass, AU multi-layer coating, and built-in UV filter.

Longboat Key Club, Sarasota, Florida

While I love the lenses and the tripod, my favorite phone camera gear addition is the Shutter Remote Control for Phone Cameras/Bluetooth. This hands-free shutter control is perfect for taking selfies and steady tripod shots. It’s small enough to keep in my pocket or my purse and it’s operational up to 30 feet.

I often travel alone. In the summer, I did two trips by myself. One trip was to Longboat Key Club in Florida and the other was a Galapagos cruise with Celebrity Cruises. I enjoyed the time on my own. In Florida, I relaxed and rejuvenated, spending time at the beach and the spa. It would be a shame to leave such a beautiful place without some photos to cherish the memories but I’m tired of the same close up selfie that doesn’t showcase the destination. The shutter remote control allowed me to take more photos at a distance. I was able to capture the destination with me in it.

phone camera gear from stuff4camera

All of this phone camera gear fits in a tiny pocket in my backpack yet adds so much diversity to my photos. I don’t always bring the tripod or the mount but there’s no reason to ever leave home without the shutter and the lenses. Even when I’m just exploring my own city, you never know when they will come in handy.


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