Why Resorts Have Ping Pong Tables for Travelers

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From the Olympics to home use and even the business setting, there isn’t a single place you’ll go and not find ping pong accepted as a sport or past time. More and more businesses are seeing the importance and benefits of the game to employees as it boosts focus and promotes unity in the office. Table tennis is a flexible sport considering almost everyone can hit the ball around. It, therefore, becomes an amazing family sport since both the parents and kids can partake in it. But there is another trend which is slowly picking pace: leading luxury hotels are seen including ping pong as one of their amenities. This started out years ago and right now, even moderately operated hotels will have a table or two for their clientele. So why are hotels making a move towards purchasing ping pong tables for their guests? The answer is simple.

6 Reasons Why Resorts Have Ping Pong Tables for Travelers

1. Nothing But Relaxing

I remember some advice I got back when I was still young: don’t get used to bed immediately after long journeys – the person here was referring to flights, but all sorts of journeys apply. Apart from taking a shower and freshening up, one is usually advised to be active for a while as your body adapts from the tedious journey. Well, now imagine taking that long flight and being welcomed by paddles and ball waiting for you and your loved ones. Not only have customers given back positive reports of how relaxing this is, but it’s been noted that such clients will usually recommend friends to the same hotel or go back there themselves more than once. Now that’s business and pleasure!

2. A Chance to Mingle

It’s always odd being the new face in the room with nothing to do. Unlike swimming which is a personal sport, ping pong will actually require customers to interact and play together. It’s always nice getting to know your next room neighbor and ping pong creates a fun opportunity.

3. Everyone Gets a Piece of the Pie

Ping Pong Table

Is it time to play with family? Let the kids have all the fun they want. Is it nighttime and time for adults to take over – why don’t you guys try beer pong as you pass off the night in style. No one gets left out in ping pong – exactly why more hotels and resorts are filling this market gap by the day.

4. It’s Cool

If given a chance to show just how brilliant I am in keeping up with the ball on the table, I wouldn’t think twice. Everyone enjoys showing off a little bit of skill when in the presence of people. Considering how many people are learning and appreciating ping pong by the day, you can be sure there will be a lot of showing off in most hotels in the near future.

5. Easy to Learn

Don’t worry if you don’t have anything to show off when holding a ping pong paddle. One thing you have to realize is that ping pong is not basketball or hockey; prior training is not necessary for participants to have a good time. Unless you’re really slow or just not into it, you can be sure to kick ass within a few minutes of following through the hits. Kamil Calloway from suggests that it does not have to be hard to learn what you will love!

6. It’s Cheap

This should have actually come as the number one reason why hotels fancy ping pong so much. The costs of purchasing a table as well as the accompanying tools are almost insignificant compared to the returns on investments.

A ping pong table is a worthy investment all-day-every-day. It’ll spice up your hotel setting for your travelers as well as your home or office. You have the reasons why now the ball is in your court.

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