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Favorite Travel Clothes for Any Travel

Bench Clothing, Canada

There’s nothing that makes me happier when I’m packing for a trip than to have as little as possible while still being prepared. I make that happen with multi-way designs and staple pieces that are perfect for travel. Whether you’re an avid traveler or a heading on your first trip, here are our favorite travel clothes.

Favorite Travel Clothes


Upbra T-shirt bra

Let’s start off our favorite travel clothes list with the unmentionables. Bras!

I have to admit that I’d prefer to wear a sports bra all day, every day and skip the uncomfortable wires and straps that make sitting in a car or on an airplane miserable. I’m the first to admit that they don’t look as appealing as an underwire bra that separates and lifts you in all the right ways.  I’m always on the lookout for a bra that will hug me in the right places, provide maximum support, look flattering in my clothing regardless of what I’m wearing, and still feel comfortable. That’s exactly what the Perfect T-Shirt Bra from Upbra feels like and why I included it on my list of perfect travel clothes.

Upbra has revolutionary platforms within the cups to give you the support you need, and the lift and cleavage you want. The Upbra Perfect T-Shirt Bra features smooth, seamless cups, and convertible shoulder straps. The smooth fabric and seamless design allows the Upbra T-Shirt Bra to be worn under thin shirts or dresses with confidence, and the patented Upbra ActiveLift Technology provides fully adjustable lift and cleavage with just a pull. Upbra fits all my active travel needs and still looks great in a dress or evening wear. From rock climbing to elegant dinners, Upbra has me covered. Gone are the days squeezing my boobs into a sports bra and sporting the uniboob look. I’m all Upbra all the way.


Encircled is a Canadian company that specializes in stylish versatile garments for travel and everyday wear. Encircled makes thoughtfully-designed, versatile clothing so you can travel lighter in comfort and with style. I have the Chrysalis Cardi Maxi and it can be worn eight different ways to become a wardrobe staple. Not only is their clothing perfect for travel, but it’s fashionable so you can wear it at home too.

PranaLOWA Urbano Ws sandals

Ziplining in Calaveras County

Prana has travel tops, pants, shorts, and dresses that were made for travel. Their travel clothes look stylish, are easy to wear, and pack without a wrinkle. Designed in sustainable knits and other eco-friendly fabrics, these travel-ready clothes fit any occasion from business to pleasure, adventure to relaxation. It’s rare that I go on any trip without my Prana convertible pants. They are the ultimate cross-functional pant with zip off pant leg to a below the knee knicker.


Iceland Layover, Blue Lagoon

Icewear offers Icelandic wool and Norwegian pieces at an affordable price. Icewear has stylish Icelandic designs that bring a piece of Iceland everywhere you travel. I have the Brynja Icelandic Wool Sweater Zip & Hood that is made of 100% Icelandic wool and features a traditional lopapeysa pattern at the yoke with complementing trim at wrists and waistband. It’s the warmest sweater that I own and it doubles as a jacket on the warmer days.


Climbing the Rigging on Bark Europa

Gill Marine offers sailing jackets and clothing that are designed, engineered, and tested for the adventure. If your travel includes any off-shore activities, Gill Marine is the brand for you.

Gill’s Offshoe Women’s Trousers are one of the best purchases I ever made. They are not only durable, but also waterproof and windproof, featuring a 2-layer laminated fabric. The convenient drop-seat function, adjustable braces and articulated knees ensure that you stay comfortable throughout the day, whilst the handy pockets keep essentials close by. I wear them skiing, snowboarding, building snowmen, skating, and sailing. Now that I live in Canada, I can’t imagine winter without them.


MTL Zipline selfie

During any given weekend, you can find us hiking, climbing, walking, running, and maneuvering around rocks or across rivers. We want to see the world and it requires a lot of effort and energy, but the rewards are magical. Bench carries a full line of jackets, coats, leggings, t-shirts, dresses, tank tops, activewear, and hoodies that are perfect for active travel. I found this Corp Print Hoody and I don’t want to take it off. With soft material inside, a warm hood, and double cuffs on the sleeves with a slit for your thumb, you can tell it was made for comfort and durability. From aerial courses and hiking to sitting around a camp fire, it’s keeping me warm while I’m active and outdoors, day and night.


Cooltan tan through swimwear

Don’t you hate when you come back from a vacation and you have tan lines from your bathing suit? I always feel like a can’t wear certain dresses or tank tops when I get home because it looks so silly. I wished there was a way to be covered but still achieve an all over sun tan and minimize lines. Short of going to a nude beach or tanning nude privately, I didn’t think it was possible. I found a company called Cooltan that allows you to get a safe, natural tan through the bathing suit fabric.

The swimsuits work like a medium level SPF sunscreen. All of Cooltan’s Tan Through Swimwear is made from a unique, high quality fabric that allows you to get a natural suntan right through the fabric about as fast as you would with a medium level SPF sunscreen. The unique fabric that makes it all possible is Microsol V, the lightweight fabric that lets sunlight through like a medium level sunscreen, eliminating the need for oils and lotions.

What’s Left?

I need to add a few things to my list of perfect travel clothes like a versatile jacket and shoes that can be easily packed yet look great in a variety of settings. I’d love to read your suggestions.

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