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The Ultimate Travel System

The Ultimate Travel System

When I travel, I never check a bag. I bring as little as possible and pack as efficiently as possible. To do this, I need to be organized and optimize packing space. While searching for the ultimate travel system to fit all of my travel needs, I found Standard Luggage and they’ve become such a staple in my travel packing that I wanted to share them with you.

All of Standard Luggage’s products are designed to work together as the ultimate travel system. Their backpack is designed to meet airline size rules so people can save time and money without the need to check their bags while still maximizing carrying capacity. Their packing cubes and packable daypack are designed to be used inside the carry-on backpack to keep gear organized and space optimized.  The ultimate travel system works great for weekend trips, road trips, and international travel. Here’s what we love about it.

The Ultimate Travel System

Standard’s Carry-on Backpack

Standard Luggage Carry-on Backpack

Standard’s Carry-on-sized travel backpack is the ultimate luggage for international travel and meets airline cabin rules. The bag is a 3-in-1 travel backpack, suitcase, and shoulder bag. It comes with concealable backpack straps, compartment dividers, and easy-to-carry handles.

My favorite part of the backpack is the laptop compartment that protects my laptop yet it still gives me easy access to the laptop so I can take it out during security checks and slide it back into the protective sleeve when I’m finished.

I also love the full-perimeter zipper that allows for easy opening and packing and the two convenient front pockets fit documents and small items like my phone and charger.

Additionally, it comes with compression straps to maximize space and keep contents secured. Cord travels with a CPAP machine and traveled with a separate carry-on for years because he couldn’t fit it securely into his backpack. Now, with Standard’s Carry-on Backpack, he can fit the CPAP machine, his computer and electronics, and his clothes into one, carry-on sized backpack. The removable hip belt adds stability and weight distribution when it is the only bag we are carrying.

Standard’s Packing Cubes (3pcs set)

Standard’s Packing Cubes

Standard’s Packing Cubes fit nicely into the backpack to create the ultimate travel system. Efficiency is important when we’re traveling so we stay organized with packing cubes.  The cubes allow for coupling each cube to form a hanging dresser that can be placed on a door hook or closet hanger so I never really unpack. They are durable, modular, and lightweight with mesh windows to easily see content.

I like to pack everything I need for one day in each packing cube and keep them in my carry-on backpack so I know I’ll never have to check a bag.

On our recent trip to Valcartier Bora Parc, we packed our bathing suits in one packing cube and just brought the packing cube with us to the water park. It was so much easier than lugging a large backpack and perfect for separating our damp suits at the end of the day.

Standard’s Backpack Packing Cube | Packable Daypack

Standard’s Backpack Packing Cube

My favorite part of the ultimate travel system is the Backpack Packing Cube. It’s a smart design that allows me to pack my clothes like a traditional packing cube or transform it into an 8L backpack with enough room for a camera, a light jacket, my phone, and other small additional gear. It has a small outside pocket for keys, money, and my phone and I find it so practicable that I use it as a purse or day-bag even when I’m not traveling.

The Ultimate Travel System

Standard Luggage has created the ultimate travel system for day trips, road trips, and local and international travel. Their system meets all of the carry-on travel regulations while giving you the most space in a practical way. From a weekend ski and skating getaway to Lake Placid to longer international trips overseas, Standard Luggage is a great fit for our travel needs.

Have A Fun And Safe Travel 

Whatever travel system you want to use, consider important factors that’d ensure a fun and safe travel. Choose one that allows you to load everything you need to maximize its space and functionality. Small extra pockets can help you organize tiny objects you need to bring and secret pockets for your high-value items.  

Once you have your travel system, everything else will be a lot easier. Don’t forget to bring a buckwheat travel pillow for added comfort and sleep support during your trip. It’s important to get a good sleep even when you’re on a flight or in your hotel waiting for the next itinerary.  

Moreover, bring a first aid kit. Bring your prescription medicines and emergency medications for fever, pain, diarrhea, and motion sickness. You’ll never know when an accident or emergency arises. So, it’s best to stay ready by having a few of these supplies.  

Of course, always keep your travel documents at hand to avoid delays. Make sure to have a photocopy of your passport and tickets. As much as possible, be at the airport early. If you’re driving, ensure that your car’s engine is in good condition. Check the tires, brakes, as well as the oil and water levels. 

Now, this part is when I need to say goodbye. Pack your ultimate travel system and enjoy your next travel adventure with family and friends.

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