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Our New Pet – eufy RoboVac 15C MAX

RoboVac 15C MAX

Moving into a new house has been 85% excitement and 15% stress. We love having so much space, our own pool, room to host guests, and a great community. With our bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, office, sitting room, laundry room, and bathrooms down stairs, it’s where we spend most of our day. I love everything about it, except cleaning. Enter the eufy RoboVac.

Why the eufy RoboVac?

I want the house to look good, especially since we constantly have guests, but it isn’t easy to keep it up. To help with the transition, we got an eufy RoboVac 15C Max and it’s like having a pet. It quietly moves around the house sucking up dirt and crumbs. It sometimes gets stuck behind the furniture and “cries” for help. We patiently wait for it to learn new tricks. It listens to us when we tell it what to do, and when it gets tired, it returns home to recharge. We may be on the waiting list for a golden doodle dog, but we’re getting great training with the eufy RoboVac.

RoboVac 15C MAX

The eufy RoboVac 15C Max is easy to setup and incorporates Smarthhome Intergration. You can control it via the EufyHome app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. It also comes with a remote control, which is easy to use.

To connect the EufyHome app, you just open the app, hold a button on the RoboVac, and they pair automatically. You can schedule the RoboVac to clean any day, and any time, of the week. You can also skip certain days of the week or start it any time if you need an extra clean. Once it’s paired with the EufyHome app, you can connect the RoboVac to Google Assistant or Alexa. You can ask the RoboVac to start a cleaning cycle, go back to its charging dock, or make beeping noises if it’s stuck under furniture. It’s like initially training a dog to fetch and lay down.

RoboVac 15C MAX

One of RoboVac 15C Max’s biggest selling points is its 2,000 Pa of suction power. The 15C Max has three different suction modes: Standard operates somewhere between 1,000 and 2,000 Pa, Max operates at 2,000 Pa, and BoostIQ automatically switches between Standard and Max modes depending on the situation. I usually leave the 15C Max in Standard suction mode, which is fine for most applications. Similar to a dog, it cleans up most food, crumbs, and other things on the floor.

Like a pet, we named our RoboVac. Richard can have issues getting around and out of certain situations but it only took us two cleaning sessions to figure out the issue areas and address them. As tempted as we are sometimes to help Richard out of certain situations, he usually figures it out if we give him time.

The Eufy RoboVac 15c Max works on tiled, hard floors, and medium-pile carpet. The BoostIQ Technology automatically increases suction power within 1.5 seconds when extra vacuuming strength is needed so you get the best clean. Its low profile means it’s able to easily slide under cupboard doors, coffee tables, and couches. There are two large wheels which provide the RoboVac 15c Max with good traction on both hard flooring and carpet, and it was easily able to transition from our hardwood kitchen and living room floor to medium-pile carpet and rugs.

The 15C Max doesn’t have built-in room-mapping features. Instead, the front half of the Max has a slender foam bumper running around it, protecting its 10+ sensors, and any furniture it may bump into, from damage. When the 15C Max bumps into a wall, it chooses to run alongside it rather than backing out and going elsewhere. It does this to make sure the corners of the room are clean. The 15C Max also has ledge-detection sensors that prevent stair-related accidents.

The 15C Max is much easier to clean than a dog. The dust bin and the brushes are easy to remove and clean. Eufy also includes an extra pair of brushes with every RoboVac. The bin and filter are easily accessible via a button at the rear of the vacuum. This makes the filter easy to clean and the bin easy to empty. The bin is relatively small, but it does a good job of compressing dust, hair, and anything else it picks up into the space provided.

It also comes with a charging station, which is compact and can sit flush against a wall. The RoboVac 15c Max can find its own way back to the charging station as well, although it doesn’t always take the fastest route there.

RoboVac 15C MAX

With Smarthhome Intergration, 2,000 Pa of suction power, and an easy to clean bin and brushes, the 15C Max is the best robotic vacuum eufy has to offer. The eufy RoboVac 15c Max may not be the smartest or most powerful robot vacuum on the market, but at its price point, it’s the best option for us. It fills all of our RoboVac, and pet introduction, needs.

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