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5 Companies that Make Home Life Better

Backyard Pool

We decided to move to Frisco, Texas and create a life here that includes daily schedules and routines rather than being on the road full time and having a different plan every day of the week. We’ve traveled around the world and lived in many different places. We made Montreal our home out of necessity, not desire, and we wanted to consciously choose the best place for us as a family. Frisco is constantly rated one of the best places in the US to live for families with top schools in the country. Couple that with more than 250 days a year of sunshine and a remarkable cost of living and Frisco kept coming up on the top of our list. Our daily life will greatly be enhanced in Frisco with easy access to entertainment, theater, arts, sports, and dining. There is an international airport 30 minutes away and endless road trip opportunities. It really doesn’t seem to have a downside. Even with all that greatness, moving has been an adjustment but these five companies make our new home life better and easier.

5 Companies that Make Home Life Better

Number One – IKEA
Home Life - IKEA There’s no denying that I love IKEA. Some of the products are made of cheap wood and putting them together can be a testament to any relationship, but they have so much to offer at such reasonable prices that I can always find some reason to visit IKEA. Every room in our house has at least one item from IKEA.

Number Two – Casper

 The Casper Classic

While I love IKEA, there are some things that I’d rather find elsewhere, including a mattress. I’d spare no expense for the most comfortable sleep. After more than 30 engineering improvements and nearly half a million happy customers, the Casper mattress had a reputation we could trust. It’s more breathable and comfortable than ever. With a 100 night trial and free return pickup, we ordered The Casper Classic to help give us the sleep we need.

Number Three – eufy 

RoboVac 15C MAX

Moving into a new house has been 85% excitement and 15% stress. We love having so much space, our own pool, room to host guests, and a great community. With our bedroom, kitchen, living room, dining room, office, sitting room, laundry room, and bathrooms down stairs, it’s where we spend most of our day. Even without going up stairs in our new house, we have more space than our apartment in Montreal. I love everything about it, except cleaning. I feel like it’s all I do now (That and swim). So much needs to be swept, mopped, vacuumed, dusted, and tidied. It feels overwhelming. I want it to look good, especially since we constantly have guests, but it isn’t easy to keep it up. To help with the transition, we got an eufy RoboVac 15C Max and it’s like having a pet. It quietly moves around the house sucking up dirt and crumbs. It sometimes gets stuck behind the furniture and “cries” for help. We patiently wait for it to learn new tricks. It listens to us when we tell it what to do, and when it gets tired, it returns home to recharge. We may be on the waiting list for a golden doodle dog, but we’re getting great training with the eufy RoboVac.

Number Four – Comfy Sacks

Comfy Sacks

We don’t live in a “show home” with rooms that aren’t functional or fit for the whole family. Our favorite furniture pieces are ones that are high quality with extreme comfort yet they still look good.

Comfy Sacks are constructed with the highest quality materials and come with an unconditional 5 year warranty. You can customize your Comfy Sack with any of their unique textured material to make them fit with any room in your house and they come in all sizes from beanbag chairs for one person to products large enough for the whole family.

Originally, we bought a Comfy Sack for the upstairs media room as a comfy way to watch movies but now they can be found in our main living room, bedrooms, and outdoors and they are always the first seats used.

Number Five – Danby Appliances

Danby Appliances

A large part of our new home life includes watching movies or football games around the pool. No one wants to get up for a drink or snacks in the middle of a movie or game nor do we want to be trekking in the house soaking wet. The Silhouette fridge has seamless door design, an ergonomic handle and a finished black cabinet to make it look as flawless on the outside as it is functional on the inside. It’s 5.5 cu.ft and holds enough Pepsi, snacks, and beer to be like Charlie’s Chocolate Factory of fridges. It’s the perfect addition to incorporate the indoor-outdoor living we desired.

Number Five – Soundcore

soundcore flare mini

Soundcore creates speakers and earphones that spark real emotions. This includes the Flare series, 360° speakers with a beat-driven lightshow, and the Spirit series, the world’s first truly sweatproof earphones. We’re obsessed with the Flare Mini speakers because we can take them anywhere in and out of the house.

Flare Mini’s beat-driven light show reacts to the beat, creating its own light show. Super-safe IPX7 waterproof protection effortlessly withstands spills, rain, and even complete submersion in water so it’s great in the house and around the pool. With up to 12 hours of souped-up sound and incredible illumination from a single charge, coupled with easy portability, the Flare Mini keeps us entertained around the pool and everywhere in the house.

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