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Gotrax Electric Scooters Bring the Community to Us

Gotrax scooters

We’re so in love with our community in Frisco, Texas. They do things like chalk the sidewalks on the first day of school to send the kids off with positive messages. They also have community parties and garage sales and plan special events for Halloween and Christmas. With the Texas summer heat, we find it difficult to find a time to be out and about meeting people in the community outside of these remarkable events. We don’t have a dog and we don’t run outdoors so we can be pretty much to ourselves, which isn’t necessarily by choice. Rather than accepting that to be our summer life, we decided to find ways to bring the community to us or get out more and socialize. One of the best ways to do that is with our new GOTRAX electric scooters.


GOTRAX is constantly developing new electric scooters with different specs and the latest features. The GXL Commuter Electric Scooter – Version 2  has 8.5” air-filled tires that easily ride over bumps and cracks and a 9-12 mile range that makes it the perfect electric scooter for adults, commuters, and older teens. It’s at a price that’s reasonable for recreational riders too. For children and early teens, the GKS Electric Scooter has a little less speed at a safe, but fun, 10mph. It features 6″ Solid rubber tires that absorb vibrations making a glide effortlessly on cement or paved roads. The Compact 25v Battery and 150 Watt electric motor powers the GKS for up to 7.5 miles per charge. Between these two GOTRAX electric scooters, our whole family can have fun outdoors while meeting new neighbors and friends.


It only took Athena about ten minutes of riding to figure out the buttons and features. The durable 6″ wheels are large enough to create a smooth ride on sidewalks and paved areas so we encouraged her to ride on the sidewalk while getting familiar with riding it.

Both feet must be placed on the scooter before the motor will engage, so she has enough time to position herself before the motor kicks in. The longest part of the learning process was figuring out where to put her feet to make it go, while still giving her good control over pushing the brake. The back button engages the motor, but the motor completely shuts off once you remove your back foot from the button.

She wasn’t even on the scooter for 15 minutes before two of the neighbor kids came outside with their bikes. We let them ride up and down the sidewalk for a half hour together while we talked to their dad.

It was a complete success! We were meeting friends already because of the scooters and we hadn’t even owned them for a full day.

GXL Commuter Scooter

It isn’t just the kids that get to have all the fun either. Cord and I both took turns riding the GXL Commuter Scooter around the community with and without Athena. Since the GXL Commuter Scooter goes faster, it’s fun to let Athena stick around home for a bit, with one of the adults, and really see how fast we can make it around the community.

GOTRAX Electric Scooter

We had both ridden electric scooters before so the learning process was almost non-existent. We can use 1st gear for a comfortable 10mph ride, or kick it into second gear and get the full 15.5 mph experience. You can even hold the accelerator down for 10 seconds to engage cruise control and the scooter will automatically maintain its current speed. It’s really that simple.

When we’re finished riding, we can easily plug in the scooters in the garage so they are ready for our next use.

GOTRAX Electric Scooter

In just one week, we’ve taken the scooters around every street in our community, through the entire park trails surrounding our community, and on an even further adventure to another community to visit our friends. We met dog walkers, runners, bikers, and neighbors watering their lawns. They really do bring the entire community to us.

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  1. Henry says:


    Great review thx ! I am a big fan of the GOTRAX scooters. My son got the GKS also and I have bought the GXL V2 for myself.
    Very good electric scooter.

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