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Soundcore Flare Mini

Soundcore Flare Mini

We’re settling into our new home in Frisco, Texas and I’ve accepted the fact that I can’t travel internationally for a few months because of my visa status. I’m grounded in the US while I wait for my Green Card. This will officially be the longest I’ve gone without international travel in over a decade. With that in mind, we’re trying to create a home and outdoor space that feels like a resort. We have a gorgeous pool outside with a hot tub, a tv, plenty of seating, a fridge, outdoor lighting for the night, and fun pool toys.  Additionally, I think I found the most amazing wireless speaker with great audio quality. I recently added the Soundcore Flare Mini to the backyard for great tunes day or night!

It’s an affordable Bluetooth wireless speaker with great audio. It has IPX7 waterproofing so around the pool or getting splashed won’t hurt it. It has 360º sound and it can be paired with another Flare Mini for stereo sound. Plus, it has a party-feel light-show with the touch of a button. The Soundcore Flare Mini completes the resort feel of our backyard.

Soundcore Flare Mini

We’re obsessed with Flare Mini speakers because we can take them anywhere in and out of the house. We have two to connect them together for stereo sound and we usually place them on both sides of the pool.

To connect two speakers together, press the Bluetooth button on the Flare Mini for 3 seconds until the color changes to a flashing white light. The flashing light indicates that the Flare Mini is searching to pair with another Bluetooth speaker. Put the other speaker in pairing mode and that’s when both speakers will be connected. You can stream the same music to both speakers at the same time from a single device.

Each speaker has intense all-around sound and three hundred and sixty degrees of audio power so with two on side side of the pool, it’s a full sound, and light, experience.

Flare Mini

Flare Mini has a beat-driven light, creating its own light show. The light button gives you 5 LED functionalities that you can toggle through depending on the vibe. We love placing them in clear inflatable toys in the pool and watching the lights reflect all over the pool. It’s no problem if they get knocked in the water either. Super-safe IPX7 waterproof protection effortlessly withstands spills, rain, and even complete submersion in water.

soundcore Flare Mini

With up to 12 hours of quality sound and incredible illumination from a single charge, coupled with easy portability, the Flare Mini keeps us entertained around the pool all day long.

Additionally, the Flare Mini connects to any Bluetooth devices with its built-in chip Bluetooth 4.2. It has a range of 20 meter (66 feet) connectivity distance so if I leave my phone in the house and take the Flare Mini outside, it stays connected.

The Flare Mini delivers a great sound quality with an elegant design that has a waterproof finish. It’s a worthy addition to complete the backyard oasis.

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