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Just Leaf it to Your Planter. Dewplanter


We’re on the road crossing off our adventure bucket list items so often that I’ve never been able to have plants or flowers, especially in a planter in the house. Just yesterday, Cord said that he never buys me flowers because I said I don’t like them. Now that we’re more settled in a house, though, I spoke up and said, “I actually love plants and flowers and putting them in a planter. I just could never keep them alive because we travel so often.” After three years of being together, he honestly believed I didn’t like plants because I never had them in the house. I didn’t see the point in buying flowers or plants and coming home to find them all dead. It was such a waste of something beautiful and I didn’t think there was a solution. Did you know, though, that there is a planter that makes water out of air? It’s called the Dewplanter and it’s the solution to all of my plant concerns.


Dewplanter makes indoor plants more accessible for everyone. It takes care of all your plant’s hydration needs by watering itself using condensation, so you won’t have to do a single thing. Whether you’re too busy, traveling too often, or always thought plants would be too much work, Dewplanter makes it simple to brighten up your home with beautiful plants.

How Does it Work?

Step 1 – Air Cycling

The Dewplanter draws in air through its unique water generating system to ensure a consistent supply of moisture laden air.

Step 2 – Dew Making

Constant airflow plus a cooled environment inside the Dewplanter means that water droplets will naturally form as moisture in the flowing air condensates.

Step 3 – Self Watering

The generated water droplets are then directly channeled into the your plant’s roots through a drip irrigation system, ensuring a healthy supply of water over time.


Dewplanter is like having a personal gardener that provides my plants with just the right amount of water everyday. I have all the benefits of hiring somebody to take care of my plants with none of the cost. When I walk in the door and see my plants thriving, it makes me smile every time.

As if that’s not benefit enough, every purchase helps improve the Earth through their Sprout For Sprout initiative, where they pledge to plant one tree for every Dewplanter sold.

There are very few down sides to being able to experience the world and travel frequently, but when I’m home, I like for it to feel welcoming. With plants in every room, our house feels lived in and fresh. Cord will never have to guess again if I like plants and flowers.

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