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Tips for Visiting State Fair of Texas

State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas is held each fall at Dallas Fair Park. The Fair has taken place every year since 1886 and it usually begins the last Friday in September and ends 24 days later. The State Fair of Texas is remarkable but it’s massive size, 270 acres, and abundance of options, 100+ activities, can be a little overwhelming. Check out these helpful tips to make your trip to the State Fair of Texas successful.

Tips for Visiting State Fair of Texas

Tips for Visiting State Fair of Texas

Avoid The Biggest Crowds

State Fair of Texas

Avoid the biggest crowds by going to the fair on a weekday. If you really don’t like crowds, avoid the Fair during the weekend of the Red River Classic, the football game between the University of Oklahoma and the University of Texas at Austin. (Although going to the Fair during the game might be a good time choice.)

Save on Admission

If you plan to go to the Fair more than once, you can save with a Season Pass. The Season Pass includes other great benefits as well, like one Bring-A-Friend admission ticket, VIP Guide, discounts, coupons, free headlining concerts on the Chevrolet Main Stage, and more.

Print The Daily Schedule in Advance

The Fair’s website makes it easy to get a print out of all the scheduled activities for the day you are attending. There’s so much to see and experience that it’s helpful to have a schedule in advance. Some events only take place at certain times during the day. Don’t miss out because you didn’t know the schedule.

See FAQ Page Before Visiting the Fair

The State Fair FAQ page offers details on tickets, parking, and directions. Plus there is a complete list of items you can and can’t bring onto the grounds. Don’t forget you can bring water and snacks with you to the Fair. If you don’t mind carrying water, it could save you a lot of money at the booths.

Check the Weather Before You Head to the Fair

It’s Texas. It can be stinking hot. The Fair isn’t as enjoyable in 100 degree heat so check the weather before you head to the fair. If the temperatures are soaring, consider waiting a few hours until it cools down or maybe visiting on another day. If you are there in excessive heat, remember to stay hydrated and visit the cooling stations to bring down your temp. There are plenty of shaded areas and lots of refreshments to keep you cool.

Look Around Before you Buy Food and Drinks

State Fair of Texas

The prices (amount of tickets) vary from booth to booth and you might be using 6 tickets to get a bottle of water at one booth and 2 tickets at a booth just five feet away. It’s helpful to look around since prices vary.

Check Out Game Options Before Playing

Games at State Fair of Texas

Similarly to food and drink options at the State Fair of Texas, game options vary in price and rewards. Some games guarantee that kids win a prize every time. Games aren’t cheap so make your money worth it by knowing your options first.

Don’t Miss The Icons

Big Tex at State Fair Texas

Big Tex

Big Tex lives at the center of the fairgrounds along Lone Star Boulevard and Grand Avenue. This giant cowboy statue has been the Fair’s official symbol since 1952.


Fair Park’s Midway is home to more than 70 rides including the Thrillway, the Kidway, the Errol McKoy Greenhouse, and the Dentzel Carousel. It also has enough Midway games to keep you entertained for hours.

Texas Star Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel at State Fair of Texas

The heart of the Fair Park Midway is the Texas Star, Dallas’ iconic Ferris Wheel. Year after year, State Fair visitors love to take a relaxing spin on the Texas Star Ferris Wheel, the largest Ferris wheel in Texas. Riders can enjoy a birds-eye view of the State Fair and downtown Dallas from a height of 212 feet.

Have Fun

State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas only comes around once a year. Have fun. Be a kid or a kid at heart. There’s a lot to enjoy at the State Fair of Texas!

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