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5 Places to Visit in Cuba

Havana Cuba

Fun, mysterious, and extremely beautiful, Cuba is a country that should be on the bucket list of every global traveler. The small island country is renowned for its sandy beaches, Cuban cigars, and amazing culture. If you plan to visit Cuba, you should take into consideration the visa and of course, the places to visit. We listed the top 5 places to visit in Cuba to give you a full and unique experience.

5 Places to Visit in Cuba

Old Havana

Being the capital city of the country, Havana is full of interesting museums and places to visit. Among them, Old Havana is the oldest part of the city and it is the best place to go if you want to see a slice of Cuban history and culture.

The area is organized as a marketplace and it is full of attractions like Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la Catedral, and many others. This area is also famous for its colorful buildings and amazing dance clubs. Long story short, if you want to see the very essence of Havana and the Cuban culture, this is the place to go. In this area, you will also find many restaurants that serve the traditional creole cuisine that is rated as one of the best in Latin America.

Vinales Valley

Located right in the heart of the country, Vinales Valley is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list thanks to its lush rain forest and the unique fauna and flora. The area is perfect for any nature lover and it offers some of the most breath-taking views in Cuba. 

The area is also the home of some of the best tobacco farms in the whole world. It is well known that Cuban cigars are rated the best on the market and this is thanks to the high-quality tobacco and the old rolling techniques that are still used in Cuba.

Besides this, the area is excellent if you want to explore the calm Cuban countryside. You will also be able to find accommodation at the local houses. This way you will get a live experience of the tranquil and calm rural Cuba.


Small, calm and extremely beautiful, Trinidad is considered the second most interesting city in Cuba after Havana. The most amazing thing about this city is the old colonial architecture. Unlike the vibrant capital city, Trinidad still keeps the old Cuban vibe that we all love.

The streets are full of vintage cars that are kept in perfect condition. The small cafes and restaurants here serve the best Latin and creole cuisine, making this city the perfect place to visit for a foodie.

In terms of hot spots, the city has many interesting museums and memorial houses that will introduce you to the history and culture of this area. The city is located near the water so you will also be able to enjoy the amazing Cuban beaches and weather while visiting this great city.

Che Guevara Mausoleum

We have all heard about the famous guerrilla leader Che Guevara. He was one of the most important names in Cuban history and his mausoleum is a great historical landmark. Located in Santa Clara, this mausoleum is located in the exact place where he led his last battle.

The place is visited by thousands of tourists each month and it is considered a great symbol for the Cuban history and culture. Right near the mausoleum, you will find the Museum of Revolution where you can see all the important artifacts from the time of the revolution and learn about this tense moment of Latin history.  


If you travel to Cuba, you have to go to one of the most famous beach areas in the world. Varadero is rated one of the cleanest and most beautiful beach areas in Latin America and it is a must-go location.

Here you will be able to enjoy crystal-clear water and sandy beaches all-year-round thanks to the warm weather and great climate. This area is also famous for scuba divers or extreme sports and it has a multitude of activities for everybody. 

You will find a place to stay no matter the budget and during the evenings you will be able to see the true Latin culture in action in the dance clubs and bars. This place will re-charge your batteries in the Cuban way. If you want relaxation and fun in the same place, Varadero is the answer for you.

No matter the season, Cuba is definitely the answer. If you want to have a once in a lifetime experience, Cuba is the place to go.

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