Why I Chose the VAVA Video Baby Monitor

VAVA Video Baby Monitor

A baby monitor is one of the most important items on a baby registry. You can watch your baby, talk to them, move the camera to see them better, and even keep an eye on them at night. If you’re currently expecting or looking for a baby monitor, you’ll want to consider the VAVA Video Baby Monitor. Here’s why I suggest the VAVA Video Baby Monitor. From anywhere in the house or the yard, you can see your baby with the VAVA Video Baby Monitor. It even monitors the temperature and comes with night vision. Check out the other wonderful features below.

Why I Chose the VAVA Video Baby Monitor

Set Up

VAVA Video Baby Monitor

The overall size of the monitor is slightly bigger than an iPhone and has a kickstand and antenna built-in. Plus, all the buttons are clearly labeled and easy to use. Set up took less than 5 minutes. As soon as you take the camera and monitor out of the box, all you have to do is plug them in. They use an auto-paired wireless connection so you don’t have to fuss with connecting them to WiFi.

Sound and Vision

VAVA Video Baby Monitor

Combining superior sound, vision, and a range of parent-friendly features, VAVA Video Baby Monitor keeps a watchful eye day and night so you stay connected, relax, and never miss a moment. The screen is 5-inch and 720x1280p High Definition IPS, which means it uses the best color and viewing angles among the other main types of display panels. As soon as I turned it on, I was shocked by the clarity of the picture. During the day, it was like watching a HD movie on my phone.

Another fabulous feature is the long-range clear, stable sound with 480–900 feet range. The monitor includes two-way talk, remote control, and the ability to add four cameras for multi-room operation.

Zoom, Range, & Battery

The VAVA Video Baby Monitor includes smart features like directional 4x digital zoom for close up viewing, multi-directional camera, big screen for HD clarity, stable 480-900 feet range signal, and the longest battery life in its class.

You can go up to 900 ft and still get connection between the camera and the monitor, which allows you to use the monitor both inside and out. If you want to take out the trash, go ahead and bring the monitor with you. If you want to be outside by the pool, that works too. Even if you just want some fresh air, the monitor can work by your side.

With this VAVA monitor, you can pan and tilt the camera 110 degrees up and down and 270 degrees left and right. You can also put it on auto-pilot to circulate the room for all around visibility. It then automatically scans the whole room back and forth. For all the mamas with light sleepers, don’t worry. The movements of the camera as you pan or do auto-pilot are silent.

The battery life on this monitor is amazing! It has the longest battery life in its class. It does take about 8 hours to fully charge but the built-in 4,500 mAh power supply delivers up to 24 hours in sound mode or 10 hours in display mode.

Night Vision and Temperature

Additional benefits include: voice, visual, and temperature alerts for added peace of mind.

The VAVA Video Baby Monitor monitors the temperature in baby’s room. It has a built-in thermostat and the monitor’s display screen shows the temperature of the room. You can easily see how hot or cold it is in your child’s room and adjust the temperature if needed if it gets out of the range of comfort or safety.

There are 12 high-intensity LED lights built in to help capture the images at night. These lights are noticeable at night, but not obvious or disruptive.

Final Thoughts

VAVA Video Baby Monitor

This baby monitor is a keeper, especially for parents who like to combine vital and useful features with stylish and easy-to-use products. It gives parents peace of mind and everything they need to easily and safely keep a close eye on their children.

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