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Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot

Pop-A-Shot home dual shot

As a little girl, my favorite thing to do was play basketball with my older brother in our grandparent’s yard. My grandfather handmade a backboard and put it above the barn door in the driveway for us to play as much as we wanted. We’d stay outside for hours playing games like Around the World, 21, or other games that we made up. I was never quite as good as my brother but spending time with him and developing my basketball skills were the perfect way to spend the day. Now that I have a mini-me, I’m reminded of all that fun I had shooting hoops at her age. Since she doesn’t have a sibling to play with just yet, I decided to get a Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot so we could practice together in the house regardless of the time of day. Pop-A-Shot created the first basketball arcade game and they remain the best indoor basketball option in our eyes.

Pinstack Plano

The idea first came to me a few weeks ago when we were visiting Pinstack in Plano. From state-of-the-art bowling lanes and delicious food and drinks to a unique LED rock climbing wall, Pinstack has food and excitement for the whole family. This indoor family activity venue features a full-service restaurant, a full bar, a private dining area, bowling, a high ropes course, a two-level laser tag arena, a 28-foot high rock climbing wall, bumper cars, giant foosball, and hundreds of video games. With an entire arcade filled with hundreds of video and arcade games and endless entertainment, we spent almost half of our time playing different versions of basketball shooting games. We were so enthralled by them that I knew a Pop-A-Shot would make the ideal addition to our family room.


When the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot arrived, I noticed the super sturdy construction, wheels for mobility, a heavy-duty nylon ball ramp, extension tubes so you can tailor the height of the game, and a scoring system. I’d be lying if I said it was easy to put together and I had to unscrew bolts a few times because of mistakes but the end product was exactly what I’d envisioned.
Pop-A-ShotThere are a total of 16 games to choose from including the classic 1-on-1 competition and individual skill challenges. There is an audio component with three different music selections, sound effects, basket “swishes”, and an announcer who calls the game for you. The sound effects and individual skill challenges make it fun to play even if I’m alone and the competition makes it fun for multiple players.

In just a few days, Athena went from getting a random ball in infrequently to making a number of swishes in a minute. Even when we are competing, I find myself distracted and watching her develop her skills. It’s a remarkable thing to share something you’re passionate about with someone you love.


With the Pop-A-Shot Home Dual Shot set up in our house, Athena constantly asks if she can invite a friend over to play with her. It beings me so much joy to introduce the world of basketball to any kid or adult willing to play. It remains one of the greatest activities in my life.

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