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Travel Bucket List For Colombia

Traveling to Colombia soon? Excellent choice. You’ll not regret this one. But let me give you a little sneak peek of what Colombia is about. This isn’t the country you’re going to spend a few weeks and check it off your list so easily. No way. Colombia is a diverse place. There is so much to discover and it’s darn near impossible to check out all the great spots on a short trip. That’s why many people come to Colombia and end up staying 4-6+ months. Heck, even a year or so like I did. I’ve had the pleasure to live in Colombia for nearly 15+ months in total and I still haven’t managed to see everything Colombia has to offer, but I’ve seen a lot. That’s why I’m going to give you a list of things to do in Colombia from which you’ll be able to put together a true Colombia bucket list. 



Top 10 Things to do in Colombia 

But enough of my fluff here. Let’s dig into “Bandeja Paisa” of this bad boy and look at some of the best things to do in Colombia:

Guatapé, Antioquia


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This town seems tailor-made for tourists. Here you’ll find one of the best backgrounds you can find in Colombia. You’ll also be able to cl ‘ La Piedra del Peñol’ — a gigantic 650-step stone that offers insane views of the surrounding nature. This is a must visit when in Medellin, as Guatapé is only an hour outside the city. 

 ‘Eje Cafetero’ Zone 

You want to know where that famous Colombian coffee is made, right?  Yes, then Eje Cafetero is the place. Filled with mountains and stunning fincas, you’ll find some of the best views in this area of Colombia. Just imagine the sun coming over the mountainside as you taste your morning coffee made in the exact place your staying. That’s something you’d want to experience for sure. Also, you’ll have the pleasure of witnessing from beginning to end the entire process of how coffee is made. It’s a highly recommended Colombia bucket list destination. 

Sunset in ‘Café Del Mar’, Cartagena

Everyone talks about Cartagena, but what’s so great about Cartagena? Many things to be honest, but not the type of city you’ll want to stay a whole week.  It’s a place you stay for a weekend, as you’ll not want to miss the amazing sunsets in Cartagena, and there’s only one place to do it. That’d be Café del Mar, a well-known restaurant bar located on ‘La Muralla del Centro Historico’.  This is a great place to hang out and chill. Let’s not forget about the delicious meals and amazing music. Sunset views here are world-class. 

 Diving in ‘Islas del Rosario’ 



The best beaches in Colombia are on islands in the Caribbean.  That’s why on this Colombia bucket list you’ll find more than one Islas. If you happen to be spending vacations in Cartagena and you’re looking to hit a world-class beach, you must visit Islas del Rosario This location has more than 28 mini-islands that have an immense diversity of flora and fauna. The stunning beaches are filled with white sands, stunning views, and crystal clear water. It makes a perfect spot for you to go diving. Diving in Islas Del Rosario is one of the best experiences you will have in Colombia. This spot is located just outside Cartagena. 

Party in Taganga 

Do you know Colombia is known for having some of the best nightlife in Latin America?  If not, now you know. Yet most people don’t know what are the best places to party in the country. During the high season, you’ll find the nightlife in Taganga absolutely insane. It’s filled with travelers from around the world mixing it up with local Colombians from all parts of the country.  Partying all night long in this little beachfront town as if they have known each other for years. It’s absolutely insane. This is a Colombia bucket list if you’re into Beach Nightlife.  

Parque Tayrona, Taganga

Parque Tayrona is a different type of beach because if surrounded by stunning rock formations. So, overall this place offers one of the best views you can find on a Colombian beach.  No wonder Parque Tayrona is one of the most visited places in Colombia. You’ll also find plenty of lagoons and unique coral formations jotting the beach areas. It’s a very unique place where the jungle meets the ocean and an absolute must visit for any and all visitors to Colombia. 

Parque Lleras, Medellin 

Medellín, Parcero cannot be missed. Medellín has a lot to offer.  It’s relatively cheap, good weather, awesome nightlife, and mamacitas. If you want to experience the best nightlife in Medellín, you have to go to Parque Lleras. Even though it’s touristy, there’s still a lot of fun to be had here. It’s a massive “park” filled with all types of clubs and bars, mixed with foreigners and locals who want to have the best time of their lives.  

Surfing/Tubing, Palomino

For all of you outdoor sports junkies, this place is for you. Heck, even for non-sports people. If you’re just looking for white sands, hippie hangouts, and the ideal temperature, Palomino will be paradise in Colombia for you. This location not only offers relaxation and ecotourism, it also brings adventure! There’s a unique “tubing” experience here, which consists of traveling on an inflated tire on the Palomino River, which starts in the Sierra Nevada and flows to the Caribbean Sea. This unforgettable experience will allow you to appreciate nature at its finest. 

Zona T, Bogota

Bogota is the capital of Colombia.  I know how everyone talks about Bogota as one of the coldest cities in the country and all that jazz. But the truth is, Bogota is highly underrated. Bogota has Zona T, which in my opinion is one of the best nightlife areas you’ll find in Latin America. It has different events every week and great parks everywhere. It’s pretty hard to get bored partying in Bogota. 

Salsa Dancing, Cali  

Did you really think Cali was going to be left behind on this bucket list?  You’ll find an amazingly high quality of life here for quite cheap.  And don’t get it wrong. Cali is by no means what it was two-decades ago. Of course, there is still violence, which city has no violence? But Cali has changed a lot! So, don’t be fooled. It offers warm weather and great nightlife plus stunning nature all around. Talking about nightlife: if you’re in Cali, it’s required that you take salsa dancing lesson and then go practice your new moves.  

Travel “Bucket List” For Colombia | Final Thoughts 

As you can see, this list is pretty diverse and that’s what Colombia is all about.  One day you’re chilling shirtless in a white sand crystal water beach, and a day later you find yourself in Zona T in a high-end club dressed to the nines. That’s Colombia right there, variety at is finest. So creating a bucket list for Colombia is pretty easy, just ask yourself the following question:  What do like to do? And I know for sure you can find it in Colombia. It all depends on how much time you’re gonna be here.  Just be careful, I have a strong feeling that you’d probably end up spending more than you planned. 

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