Oh Baby Boxes Make it Like Christmas Every Month

Oh Baby Boxes

While pregnancy is the greatest gift humanly possible, the process can be long, exhausting, and difficult. It’s nice to have positive things to look forward to during the pregnancy, which is what brought me to Oh Baby Boxes. Born out of a desire to make the lives of expecting mamas easier, Oh Baby Boxes were created to help ease the numerous transitions between pregnancy and postpartum life. Creating a human can be incredibly hard on the mind, body, and soul. It’s one thing to take care of the baby essentials list, but it’s also important to take care of yourself as a expecting mom. The goal of Oh Baby Boxes is to nourish you, so that you can continue to create and care for your incredible little human as effortlessly as possible. Each product included in the box is extensively researched, tested, and vetted by the Oh Baby team and mommies for efficacy and safety. Each box is customized according to your due date. I only started receiving the boxes this month, which is the 21 week mark in my pregnancy. Let’s take a look inside the first box I received to see if it’s something that would bring additional joy into your home as well.

Oh Baby Box – Month Five of Pregnancy

Oh Baby Boxes

Each Oh Baby Box comes with 6-8 full size products, natural, organic, and premium maternity essentials, over $100 worth of goodies, and it’s tailored to your due date. You can select a 1, 3, or 6 month plan so it also makes a great gift for pregnant friends or family.

Oh Baby Boxes

One of my favorite items in the box is the Hello Baby – My First Book. It includes adorable pages like My Birth Story, My First Day, Home Sweet Home, and Fun Memories from each month of the first year.

Oh Baby Boxes

Five different creams, scrubs, and masks came in the box as well. There is a large Turmeric Skin Breathing Facial Mask, an Intense Aftercare Keratin Hair Mask, a Hyaluronic Acid Cream, a Pure Sleep Chest Rub, and Luxury Natural Postpartum Care Salve.

Oh Baby Boxes

I can’t forget the adorable Mini Boss onesie, the postpartum self-care essentials list, and the poppable teethers.

To finish off the box is a lovely Mommy Knows Best Diaper Changing Mat. It’s a large size mat that’s easy to clean and padded for comfort. I hadn’t heard of Mommy Knows Best before so I definitely need to look them up. I love that I’m introduced to new baby and self-care products that I otherwise might not have found.

Every month, I can unbox a little bit of happiness with reassurance that Oh Baby Boxes have done the research to include only the best in pregnancy must-haves. It’s the perfect monthly treat for new and expecting moms. I’m excited for next month’s box to arrive. I wonder what I’ll unbox next?

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