DIY Airport Tips for First-Time Flyers

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Flying for the first time can be a bucketlist adventure experience. For all first-time flyers, it is important to know a few travel hacks and challenges. Once you are aware of these tips, you will have a pleasant Bon Voyage. It is also important to know about the safety measures you should take before reaching the airport and while travelling. Holiday or travel insurance, therefore, plays an important role by adding additional safety to your journey. It gives coverage against delayed luggage, cancelled flights, delayed or missed departure, loss or theft of money or passport, and illness or injury. With AA Ireland travel insurance you can check different type of insurance like single trip, multi trip (or annual) and backpacker insurance as per your requirement. Thus, you can save yourself from financial losses arising due to such circumstances.  It’s important to find out about the best travel insurance policy that will suit your needs. it is also important for all first-time flyers to learn the airport procedures before reaching the airport. Let’s learn these important DIY airport tips for first-time flyers.  

Five DIY Airport Tips for First-Time Flyers 

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Check-in Online 

For all first-time travelers, online check-in is a great tip. It will help you to save a lot of time from standing in the long check-in queues. Generally, most of the airlines have this online check-in facility for customers. The main advantage is, it helps you to finish the check-in formalities seamlessly sitting at the comfort of your home. You can even select the seats and get the boarding pass printed before reaching the airport.  

Arrive Early 

Even though you have checked in online, it is important for first-time flyers to reach the airport early. You also need to consider a situation in which your airlines don’t provide an online check-in facility. In that case, you need to do over the counter check-in. The airline check-in process starts at least two to three hours prior departure. After clearing the documents, you need to go for a security check. All of this takes time. If you arrive early, you can easily complete all these steps without adding additional stress for a stress-free journey 

Weigh Your Luggage Before Bringing it to the Airport

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For first-time flyers, it is an important tip to note. Almost all airlines offer a fixed luggage allowance for free. If your check-in and your hand baggage weighs more than the permitted limit, you need to pay a hefty fee for excess baggage. You can easily avoid this by weighing your luggage before bringing it to the airport.  

Put Marks to Identify Baggage 

It is a good practice to label and put a marking on your luggage. After landing, you need to collect your baggage from the baggage belt. It is a common mistake for someone else to pick your baggage if there are no marks. However, if you have travel insurance, you get comprehensive coverage for the delay and even for baggage theft. Cheap travel insurance from is ideally available for this purpose. You can easily get it online and hassle-free. 

Ensure to Carry all Travel Documents 


Don’t forget to carry necessary travel documents like Passport, Visa, ID card, etc. before reaching the airport. If you forget or lose these essential documents, you will be denied from boarding.  

Follow these DIY airport tips and travel hacks if you are a first-time flyer and enjoy a hassle-free journey.  

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  1. My dad and I are going abroad next month, which is why we’re currently looking for an airport transportation service so we can avoid all the hassle. Well, aside from this, I also like your suggestion of checking online so we won’t have to lien up. We’ll also keep in mind to arrive at least one hour earlier since the check in process will take a lot of time.

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