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The Gift of Giving During the Holidays

Toys from Funrise, Basic Fun and Just Play

It’s that time of year that most kids are on their best behavior because they know that Santa is watching and they want to receive gifts for Christmas other than a lump of coal. I didn’t want Athena to be on her best behavior because she was expecting more gifts. I wanted to teach her the gift of giving, especially during the holidays.

Sometimes, as a child, Athena can’t understand why I get emotional during the holidays. I’ve experienced great loss in my life and that experience gives me a deeper connection with others and an appreciation for all that I have. Empathy and compassion for others are great traits when you are able to direct that energy into a good cause.

So this year, we decided Athena was ready to help Santa by delivering toys and gifts to a family in need. I partnered with Just Play, Funrise, and Basic Fun to bring a little more joy to the Christmas of a deserving family. We love the gift of giving. 

“For it is in giving that we receive.” — Francis of Assisi

I thought it would be difficult to find a family struggling with finances in my affluent neighborhood in Frisco, Texas, but after only a few minutes searching local Facebook groups, I found a family in need. There are three children ages 9, 2.5, and 11 months. Their mother was diagnosed with cancer and they don’t have health insurance. After selling their house and moving into an apartment, they still aren’t getting by financially and as mother’s health worsens, the bills continue to grow. The father is filled with worry and sadness for his family. I can’t stop the tears from falling even as I write this post but every child deserves to have a moment of joy during difficult times. We hope that we can provide even a glimpse of happiness as they open these gifts for Christmas. 

Toys from Jut Play and Basic Fun

Athena and I took the time to wrap the gifts together. We wrapped them under our tree while listening to Christmas music and celebrating the spirit of Christmas giving. It was a precious moment that we shared together that has strengthened our bond and our spirit of giving.

For the 11 month old boy, we wrapped a Baby Shark Classic Cube. We’re hopeful that he will have hours of fun playing hide and seek or peek-a-boo within this play tent.

PJ Masks PJ Seeker

He also has a PJ Masks PJ Seeker that features lights, sounds, and a show-inspired design. The smaller parts can be put away until he’s older and he will have years of use with the PJ Masks PJ Seeker.

Toys for Little Boys

A CAT Tough Machine and Herodrive cars also made the giving list to deliver the coolest vehicles for this little guy.

Girls toys for Christmas

Disney Minnie Mouse Bowfabulous Home and the Minnie Bow-Liner Jet are the perfect gifts for a 2.5 year old girl. The Minnie bow liner jet includes one exclusive articulated Minnie Pilot figure, one cuckoo loca figure, one Snowpuff figure, one suitcase, one hat box, beverage cart with tray, one teacup, and one cupcake. When Minnie’s not traveling, she can enjoy her Bowfabulous Home that features a kid-powered elevator, 2nd floor balcony, vanity with spinning mirror with stool, and a bowtacular slide.

And what little girl doesn’t love a stuffy for Christmas? Felicity is part Rainbow, part Butterfly, part Unicorn, and 100% Kitty. She makes for a great snuggle buddy.


The K’NEX toys for the 9 year old can eventually be handed down to the younger children as they age. Kids ages 5 and up will have a blast clicking the pieces together to make anything they can dream of, from planes to trains to motorcycles to helicopters and so much more. The Mega Motorcycle is perfect for builders ages 9+. It includes over 450 rods and connectors that snap togehter to build an authentic replica of a sport bike. The 3-in-1 Classic Amusement Park allows kids, and adults, to operate an amusement park as they build thrilling rides.

Fart Ninja

Cord’s personal favorite, proving these ninjas fit on a Christmas list for any age, are Fart Ninjas. Fart Ninjas are a collection of 8 different collectible figures, each with a unique expression and 10 realistic motion-activated fart sounds. Admittedly, I couldn’t help but pull the tab to make one fart. The rest of the wrapping process included random fart sounds. That was my number one mistake of the day. Although listening to Athena giggle every time it happened made it worth it.

Toys from Basic Fun and Just Play

As we wrapped the toys, Athena and I imagined the fun the children would have playing with them and playing together. We all know the joy of unwrapping a gift on a special day and sharing that joy with others.

Tomorrow we will secretly deliver the toys from Santa. My only wish is that I could fit down the chimney to put them under their tree but I’ll settle for a door-side delivery. Being a Santa isn’t about getting credit; it’s unselfish giving. We encourage you to help Santa because it’s a big world out there and sometimes families slip through the cracks.

Girls' Christmas Wish List

I hope your Christmas filled with joy, good health, family, and love during this holiday season.

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