Xpand Laces During Pregnancy

XPand Laces

At six months pregnant, I’m happy that I can still see my feet and put on my shoes, forget tying laces. It’s not like when I lived in California and I could just wear flip-flops all the time. I need to wear sneakers and shoes that cover my feet and keep me warm during the winter and still offer support. I found the perfect solution and it ended up being fantastic for the entire family. Xpand Laces are long-lasting elastic laces made with zero-memory elastic rubber, which ensure a consistent comfortable fit throughout your day. Xpand Laces work on all types of shoes and boots as you simply trim off the excess ends. They eliminate the need for tying your shoes and make it easy to slip on any pair of previously laced shoes that needed to be tied.

XPand Laces

Xpand Laces can be worn in hidden and visible modes and they come with anchors that secure your laces in place through any intense activities, while maintaining an amazing comfortable fit. You just pull out your old, tie laces and replace them with Xpand laces. Once you decide how you’d like to wear them, hidden or visible mode, you lace up your shoes and add the clips to secure them in place. We recommend trying out the length before you trim the laces. Always set the initial adjustment on the loose side, so that you can always tighten them up if needed. We prefer the no-show hidden mode but the visible mode looks great as well. If you’re struggling with deciding between hidden or visible mode, Xpand offers a tutorial for each mode to help you decide. Because the laces expand, they are easy to slip on and provide added comfort and flexibility.

Xpand Laces

Xpand Lacing System works on all types of shoes from kids shoes, adults sneakers, Timberlands to high-top boots. They are 52 inches long, and can stretch out to over twice that length, which makes them long enough for all types of shoes or boots. I knew they’d be perfect for me while pregnant, but both Cord and Athena are equally happy with the laces. Athena loves that she can slip them on in the morning when trying to catch the bus. At seven years old, she knows how to tie her laces but it can take slightly longer than an adult. Not only is it great for her, but Xpand Laces in her shoes are great for me. I no longer need to wait impatiently at the door while she slows ties her shoes (added to the fact that she already takes fifteen minutes to pick which shoes she wants to wear in the firsts place). Additionally, Cord loves having Xpand Laces for the gym and running. They provide a more comfortable fit without having to spend any time tying or retying his runners.

XPand Laces

The laces come in over thirty colors from traditional black or white to rainbow or camo. We chose pinks for our colorful shoes while Cord opted for black for his running sneakers. I also added a pair of black Xpand Laces to my LOWA hiking shoes. You can even bundle them for a cheaper price or mix and match them for an even more unique combination. I went with a larger bundle for an even cheaper price so I could have them as extra gifts for family and friends. Every parent would love them for their kids, every pregnant woman would love them for themselves, and anyone who runs, walks, or jogs could use them just as frequently. They are great for all ages from young to old but they were especially appealing for this continuously-growing pregnant lady.

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