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TOMY Toys offer a wide range of innovative, high-quality toys that kids love. This year for Christmas, we focused mainly on TOMY toys for Athena and her smile with every TOMY gift says it all. From creating unique art on Doodle Bear to hours of evolution with Rizmo to the Ritzy Rollerz spa featuring music and lights, TOMY toys hit a home run for the holidays this year. Check out Athena’s three favorite TOMY toys that she received for Christmas.

Athena’s Three Favorite TOMY Toys

Doodle Bear

Doodle Bear

The Original Doodle Bear is back and still loves to be decorated and cuddled too. Each bear toy includes three Doodle Markers that let kids create doodles on their bear. You can also download the free Doodle Bear Studio App and take a picture to bring your bear to life. You can even record a message. When ready, save the finished project and share your favorite Doodles with friends. Just like the original Doodle Bear, parents can safely wash Doodle Bear so that the fun can start all over again. 

Athena’s first time doodling on her Doodle Bear, she was nervous to mess it up. Once I washed it and it looked like new again, she went crazy with different designs and styles for her bear. She made it a pirate and a dancer and thought of bizarre combinations to make it look like a totally different bear. She lets her friends take turns and they try to create the most unique combination of colors and designs. Even when she’s not doodling on Doodle Bear, it has a place in her bed at night to provide comfort.


Rizmo Evolving Musical Friend Interactive Plush Toy, Berry

Rizmo is your evolving musical friend. Rizmo has traveled here from the far reaches of the universe in search of love, music, and dance. This adorable bundle of fur needs your help to evolve. Rizmo loves cuddles, listening to music, and can even mimic your voice. Rizmo loves to play too, and the more you play together the faster this amazing friend magically grows. Gently push Rizmo’s head and its eyes will change color. Each eye color represents a different way to play: roll Rizmo around to hear its music, move Rizmo to make instrument sounds, and more. You can even sing a tune and Rizmo will sing it back to you. Interact with your Rizmo and play 7 fun activities. From baby to kid, from kid to fully grown, Rizmo has two evolutions. It’s your love, care, and happy songs that encourage Rizmo to evolve. As it grows, Rizmo will improve its singing and you will also discover more games to play.

Rizmo was the biggest surprise for endless amounts of fun. Athena giggled every time Rizmo sang a song or learned a new word. It took a long time for Rizmo to change from a baby to an adult and Athena cherished every minute of the process.

Ritzy Rollerz

Ritzy Rollerz

Ritzy Rollerz Dance n Dazzle Spa Playset with Tori Tada is the place for the Ritzy Rollerz to go when they’re looking for the best pampering and spa-day Ritzy Charms. This playset features 30 random Ritzy Charms and Tori Tada wearing an exclusive silver and teal fashion you won’t find anywhere else. This fabulous spa on wheels opens to reveal a ritzy room with lots of places to store and display Ritzy Charms. A colorful rainbow roadway leads you to a vanity mirror, lounge, bubble bath and dance stage. This fully packed spa even features lights and music.

Athena has the most creative imagination and we love providing her with opportunities to create worlds and participate in imaginative play. The Ritzy Rollerz playset is perfect for this type of imaginative play. Athena also enjoyed putting the pieces together and adding the finishing touches.

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From birth to 8+ years, TOMY has kids covered with wonderful toys that spark the imagination and provide endless enjoyment. Every time Athena picks up one of her TOMY toys, you know she is going to have a smile on her face.

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