Creating a Pettsie Bond

Pettsie Purple dog collar

From the second I saw Piper, our new Goldendoodle puppy from Lonestar Doodles, I knew she was the one. She was placed in my arms and she rested her head gently on my chest. It was love at first sight. Unfortunately, Athena couldn’t join us during the choosing process. I wanted her to have that special moment that I had when I first connected with Piper so I found a Pettsie purple dog collar with wood heart and friendship bracelet to strengthen the bond between our new puppy and Athena. Like friendship bracelets that Athena loves, she will share something personal and unique with her new puppy.

Purple dog collar with wood heart

The unique Pettsie purple dog collar with wood heart is made from 100% high quality hemp. On top of that, there is a strong fashionable canvas to add additional durability and stability. The collar also comes with an added wood heart. Each heart has its own natural texture and is made from 100% beech wood. The collar comes with a D-ring in vintage style to attach a leash, ID tag, loop, charm, pendant or other accessories.

Piper quickly adjusted to wearing her collar and she is comfortable putting it on and taking it off. The adjustable size makes it easy to find the right fit for her without worrying about it coming off or being too tight.

Pettsie Purple dog collarIn the set, you also get a matching friendship bracelet. You and your best fur friend can both look stylish with this perfect set or you can give the bracelet to someone close to the puppy for an added connection. It is easily adjustable and fits most wrists. The charming bracelet is also designed for men and women and comes in a variety of colors and designs to match your dog and your personality.

At seven years old, Athena loves wearing bracelets and other jewelry. When Cord and I got married, we got Athena a ring to make her feel part of the ceremony and the connection. Now, she can have a similar connection with Piper with her matching friendship bracelet. Although she can’t bring Piper to school or to meet all of her friends just yet, she has a constant reminder that there is a new addition to our family.

Pink natural and sturdy dog leashTo complete the perfect look, you can also order the matching Pettsie dog leash. It’s made from strong natural hemp with a modern designed canvas added on top. The leash is appropriate for small and medium-sized dogs with weight up to 20 pounds. The leash has a padded handle with neoprene, so you will not get any burns or pain in your hands and have absolute control over your dog. Every leash is equipped with a strong D-Ring in vintage style, on which you can add a waste bag, keys, pouch, pendants or other accessories. The zinc metal clasp is rust resistant and comes in a matching vintage style.

New Puppy Starter Kit

We want Piper to be safe and comfortable in her new puppy home and Pettsie added to the excitement of welcoming her to our family. It was the perfect addition to our puppy starter kit.

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