Customizing Our Baby’s Nursery

Customizing a baby's nursery

Customizing your baby’s nursery can be one of the most exciting aspects of nesting and can make the wait for their arrival more exciting. Considering all of the many memories of your child’s early life that will take place in the nursery, it’s a great motivator to create a personalized space that is both comfortable and attractive. We decided to blend custom décor with a few great pieces that we found online and at Hobby Lobby for a unique nursery that will be the starting place for a lifetime of adventure. Check out Baby Smith’s custom nursery for ideas and inspiration for your own baby’s nursery.

Customizing Our Baby’s Nursery

Personalized Dinosaur Rug from Child Be Wild

Child Be Wild Custom RugThis personalized dinosaur rug from Child Be Wild is the perfect cretaceous piece for Max’s bedroom. It’s a purely decorative piece that ties the room together beautifully. It’s crafted with materials that feel velvety soft to the touch and the non-slip rubber backing provides a vice-like grip on floors. I chose it for its customizable design including everything from the colors to the name, yet it isn’t so expensive that it takes away from other necessities.

Rest+ with Coverlets

Customizable Nursery

Hatch Baby’s Rest+ is so wonderful that it made our baby essentials list. The Rest+ is a sound machine, night light, time-to-rise, and audio monitor. You can select from a library of snooze-inducing sounds and white noise, choose from a rainbow of colors to make it your own, and set programs to cue your child for tricky transitions like naps, bedtime, and morning. Additionally, you can listen and talk to your child through your phone. It’s safe and secure to ensure your privacy and no extra gadgets are necessary.

While the Hatch Baby Rest+ is ideal as a sound machine, night light, and audio monitor, I wasn’t completely over the moon in love with it until I found out that you can order Hatch Coverlets to customize your Rest+. Each set includes three styles that are designed to fit the Hatch Rest and the Rest+. By covering the Rest+ with the Dino-ROAR coverlets, it matches the nursery perfectly while adding a unique touch to something practical.

Ikea Rast Chest 

Ikea Rast Chest

When I first purchased this Ikea chest years ago, it didn’t have legs or paint. It was plain wood with tiny wooden drawer handles. I saw potential though and converted it into something custom by adding legs and fancy pulls as well as paint. I started decorating the nursery and I knew it would be the perfect fit. I added left over paint from the accent wall and instantly made it match the nursery décor. Taking it one step further, I’d like to replace the current handles and change them to dinosaur handles. I found a great tutorial on how to do it at With a Wink and a Smile.

Finishing Touches

Baby's Nursery

We still have room on the accent wall to add a few art pieces. Rather than finding something in a store, I’d love to hand-make something to complete the custom look. I like the idea of framing a sonogram or Max’s first photo to add a meaningful keepsake. I also like the idea of adding something wooden that I make by hand. There is a really cool custom sign or frame making class near me called Crafted. One more class there should do the trick for a custom art piece that fills the space.

Additionally, Child Be Wild offers super cute and snuggly baby blankets that can be completely custom designed. How amazing would it be for Cord, Athena, and I to create a custom design for Max’s nursery and have to made by Child Be Wild? Their blankets cost $69.99 and there is no added fee to have a unique design created by you. It’s something that Max could save as I reminder of how much we love him and how welcome he was into our family.

Customizing a Nursery

I love that the nursery is unique with pieces that you won’t find anywhere else yet it’s practical and has designated spaces for play, sleep, diaper changing, and organizing clothes. It makes me smile every time I enter the room, especially when I look at the carefully selected pieces to bring joy and comfort to our newborn baby boy.

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