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Stella – The Time Machine Journey Review

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

We love discovering new Texas bucket list activities and we’re excited to share Stella- The Time Machine Journey with you. If you have been in Arlington, Texas lately, you might have noticed the pyramids near Globe Life Park. The Arlington pyramids are home to PY1, which hosts multiple shows from the creator of Cirque du Soleil. Stella – The Time Machine Journey is a family-friendly show for kids ages 3+ and has something for the entire family. We had the opportunity to preview the show and I wanted to share some of the unique highlights.

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

Although Stella – The Time Machine Journey is from the creator of Cirque du Soleil, it doesn’t feature acrobats or high-flying feats. Instead, Stella encourages kids and families to move and dance together in the biggest time machine ever built.

With a capacity of up to a thousand guests, the 81-foot high traveling structure is dedicated to the creation and presentation of memorable experiences. PY1 is a marvel of technology and a one-of-a-kind playground for shows and special events that offers a new kind of entertainment at the heart of a custom-produced multimedia universe thanks to the talent of some of the world’s greatest storytellers.

A dream-like experience of light, sound, and spectacular visual effects, the PY1 pyramid can be enjoyed as a personal journey or with friends and family.

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

Upon arriving at PY1, we entered the first of two pyramids. The waiting area featured a light display and dramatic music.  It was dark and mystical. I was slightly worried that Athena might be fearful. Although she wasn’t, she did reach for my hand until she felt more comfortable.

Within minutes, we were guided into the main pyramid to experience the voice of Stella, a globe shaped time machine in the center of the pyramid.

There are benches and seating around the perimeter, but the main, up-close seating is on tiny bean bag seats on the floor. There isn’t assigned seating; it’s more first come, first serve. Even at six months pregnant, it wasn’t uncomfortable. Plenty of movement is encouraged to keep you from getting stiff.

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

In the middle of the stage is Stella, a time machine. There are three dancers that dance and guide you through the show, just a few feet in front of you. The pyramid walls act as a screens. Stella guides you through a story, where she takes you back in a time machine to creation and leads you on a journey through the past to the present. The lasers, music, and movement make you a part of the story.

Guests are encouraged to channel their stardust through the Timestellar flux so that the time machine can whisk you back to the beginning of time. Imagine being teleported back 14 billion years, surrounded by projections and immersed in light and sound as the story unfolds.

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

Participation is key and linking up with other passengers is essential. Children, and some adults, danced to infectious beats and wondered at the vastness of the universe.

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

It was very unique and encouraged even the shyest guest to patriciate in some way. We were active participates in the experience rather than passive guests watching a show. With the inclusion of dance, lights, bubbles, and interactive images and characters displayed on the walls, it was impossible not to participate.

Like always, Athena freely moved to express herself. Her lack of embarrassment led others to express themselves through movement as well. She may have been the first one up, but almost everyone else quickly followed.

Stella - The Time Machine Journey

There is so much to see that Stella – The Time Machine will keep you on your entertained from start to finish. From the movement of the performers to the projected images surrounding you, there is never a dull movement.


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