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Experience a Bahamas Spring Break to Staniel Cay Island


Small, yet perfectly exquisite in every way, the paradisiacal island of Staniel Cay, part of the island-chain that makes up Exuma in the Bahamas, offers the perfect yacht charter destination during the spring break vacation. From lust-worthy beaches to sunken wrecks, visitors will be enthralled by the barefoot elegance and laid-back vibe of Staniel Cay, which offers the ultimate tropical escape. If you’re planning a Bahamas spring break, then read on to discover more about the very best experiences to enjoy during a Staniel Cay vacation.

Top Tips for a Bahamas Spring Break

Swim with the Pigs


Pink snouts and curly tails flood social media sites like Instagram as tourists to Staniel Cay get up and close and friendly with the swimming pigs – one of the highlights of a Bahamas spring break.

A must for an Exumas yacht charter itinerary, these porky swimmers actually live on the uninhabited island of Big Major Cay, often referred to as Pig Beach (for obvious reasons). It’s just a short boat trip away from Staniel Cay and a popular day trip for those on a Staniel Cay vacation.

As you approach, these beach-loving piggies rush out from the undergrowth and paddle into the sea, in search of a titbit. Pitted fruits and vegetables are a tasty – and healthy – piggy snack, in addition to fresh water, which is in limited supply on Pig Beach.

Note, go early in the morning; in the afternoon you’ll find these porkers have had their fill of free treats, so are far less likely to engage with visitors.

Sink Beneath the Waves


Exuma is home to some spectacular dive sites, making a Bahamas spring break ideal for diving enthusiasts.

Popular sites to explore include Thunderbolt Grotto, an out-of-this-world underwater cave system that is teeming with marine life. The dive site got its name when the James Bond spy film Thunderball was shot there. Today, it’s a popular site with both snorkelers and divers who enjoy exploring the diverse marine flora and fauna that call it home.

For wreck enthusiasts, explore the Staniel Cay plane wreck during a Bahamas spring break, regarded as one of the most accessible underwater plane wrecks in the world. Sitting at a depth of just some six-feet, the wreck can easily be explored by both divers and snorkelers alike.

Soak up the Sun


No Bahamas spring break vacation would be complete without taking some time to soak up the Caribbean sun and wallow in the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. And, during a Staniel Cay vacation you don’t need to travel far.

Despite the island’s diminutive size (less than one square mile), there’s no shortage of wonderful beaches. Popular island spots include Town Beach, Pirate Beach, and South Beach.

Of course, there’s no better way to discover secluded bays, pristine sandbars, and hidden beaches than aboard your own luxury yacht. Simply cruise around the gin-clear waters of the Exuma islands and drop anchor as you discover a plethora of spectacular deserted beaches.

Feast on Local Cuisine


Discovering the local cuisine is a must during a Bahamas spring break. On Staniel Cay you’ll find a small handful of eateries, the most popular being the restaurant at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, which serves up traditional Bahamian cuisine alongside popular American favorites. Must try Bahamian dishes include cracked conch, rock lobsters, Johnny cakes, stew fish, baked crab, and fresh fish caught by local fishermen.



More than 365 paradisiacal islands make up Exuma, and, there is no better way to explore these than during a luxury Bahamas yacht charter. Island-hop to your heart’s content; anchor up at uninhabited islands and revel in a real-life Robinson Crusoe experience; soak up the sun on a deserted beach, or simply wallow in the Caribbean’s gin-clear waters. Then, at the end of day retreat to the luxurious surroundings of your very own yacht. Life doesn’t get much better than this!

So, make sure you charter a path to Staniel Cay for a Bahamas spring break. You won’t be disappointed! It is most-certainly a bucket list worthy getaway.

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