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Family Health & Wellness: Tips For Healthy Children and Families

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Raising a family isn’t an easy task. For most people, having a family is almost like having a second job (but with much more responsibilities). Well, it shouldn’t be like that. While modern-day lifestyles keep both parents and children busy, with a lot of things to do in little time, it’s important to implement healthy habits early on for healthy children and family members.

We all have that model family that manages to stay super-fit, eat healthily, and stay active together, and while we would all love to channel their lifestyle, it’s a nightmare thinking of a vegetable-only household. Adopting a healthy and wellness lifestyle provides a lot of benefits, including prevention from chronic diseases and better relationships between family members. What you might not know is, adopting a healthy and active lifestyle isn’t as hard as you think. With a few tips and tweaks, you can keep your family in top form.

Tips For Healthy Children and Families

A Family That Plays Together Stays Together

White water rafting Mont Tremblant

The best way to get in shape at any age is to adopt an active lifestyle. According to the World Health Organization, children and young people between the age of 5-17 need at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity in a day. Adults, on the other hand, need some activity for a minimum of four days.

You don’t need to sign up for a marathon; it could be as simple as taking a 30-minute walk around your neighborhood, playing games in the yard, or a bike ride. We like to including family-fun adventures like bowling, ziplining, rock climbing, white-water rafting, or even aerial skills. Working up a sweat together is an anti-aging move. 

Organize Your Schedule Around Good Health

Good Health

Developing healthy practices into good habits is just a matter of making the behavior routine. For instance, you can start by getting a calendar to track down the healthy living and putting it in a place where everyone can see. Then use it. Schedule the days when the family gets to go for a hike or a bike ride. 

Add the nights when your children are responsible for making dinner or when the family spends time together doing creative things like painting or fun DIY projects. It’s important that these practices aren’t “a one and done type task” but become part of everyday family life. According to health research studies, creative routines are vital for both your health and wellness. They also help build strong family bonds.

Communication is Key

Many family health and wellness experts advise families having meals together. It’s not only beneficial for family time, but it also creates a space to talk, share and discuss. It’s the perfect time for a family to talk about their day, and what’s happening in their lives. Your children’s mental health, experiences at school and even sleep have a close link. In case something is troubling them, it will affect their overall well-being. 

Spare a day or two in your schedule for check-ins one-on-one or as a family where you sit down and talk. Find out about school, their experiences, or let them know you support their interests.

Sign up for Regular Family Health Checkups

What happens when a family member suddenly falls ill? Who is your first contact? Given the unique health challenges experienced in the 21st century, signing up with a family healthcare service can be the right answer for most health situations. A medical emergency is a valid reason to seek emergency services, but not as a primary source of care. 

A healthcare service will help you get up to speed on your family’s health, especially with childhood complications such as Sinuses, hearing loss, sleeping problems, visual issues that may affect both their social interactions and school work. In case you live in Connecticut or its environs, permanent relief specialists like ENT doctors in Shelton offer similar services for families. You could also visit Apex Audiology for hearing aids in Colorado Springs who specialize in hearing and balancing problems.

Healthy Nutrition

healthy nutrition

Implementing a healthy diet into your eating schedule is important for your family’s health and wellness. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables may provide protection against cardiovascular disease, several cancers, and other chronic diseases. 

Having 5 to 9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day will significantly boost your family’s health and immune system. Ensuring that you have vegetables and fruits already in the home will make this goal much easier to reach.  

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