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New Puppy Essentials List

New Puppy Starter Kit

Bringing a puppy home is such an exciting experience, but with a playful puppy comes the responsibility of being prepared for anything. Before you bring your puppy home, you will need to stock up on some important puppy essentials. Check out our new puppy essentials list to help you prepare.

New Puppy Essentials List

New Puppy Essentials Starter Kit

New Puppy Starter Kit

I found an amazing new puppy starter kit for new puppy owners to help ease their puppy’s transition to their new home. The Comfortable Beginnings New Puppy Starter Kit makes the transition home as smooth as possible with puppy essentials, all designed to ease anxiety and bring comfort to your new furry family member.

The Snuggle Puppy

The New Puppy Starter Kit comes with a Snuggle Puppy, three heat packs, an extra-soft Snuggle Blanket, a Puppy Teething Aid, and a Puppy’s 1st toy. The kit also comes with a real-feel heartbeat that mimics your puppy’s mom and littermates. This helps your new puppy sleep quietly through each night with little to no crying and barking because it eases their loneliness and the stress of leaving their comfortable surroundings.

Our new goldendoodle doesn’t go anywhere without her Snuggle Puppy. She treats it like her best friend. They snuggle together relaxed time and play together during play time. She even carries it with her when she’s eating her food. She licks it and cleans it like she would with a real dog and lays next to it when taking a nap.

The Snuggle Puppy is also a great product to use for crate training. The “Real-feel” pulsing heartbeat and heat source mimic being part of a pack, working to ease loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety. Dogs are pack animals and are instinctively drawn to their mother and others in their pack. The Snuggle Puppy recreates that intimacy with physical warmth and a “real-feel” heartbeat. The result is a calmer, more peaceful pet – one that feels less loneliness, fear, and separation anxiety.

The Puppy Teething Aid relieves your puppy’s discomfort due to teething. Massaging fingers and ridges satisfy your puppy’s desire to chew while the melting ice numbs and soothes irritated gums. Just add water and freeze to give your puppy relief from their aching gums.

The Snuggle Blanket is made from high-density fleece. The soft fabric provides extra warmth and promotes calm, while catching and holding shedding hair. It is machine washable so getting it wet or dirty isn’t the end of it’s use. You can throw it in the washer and dryer and have a fresh blanket in no time.

The Puppy’s 1st toy is designed to keep your puppy occupied and entertained so they’ll stay away from your favorite pair of shoes, although there is no guarantee. In just one week, I already have a wonderful pair of runners with a nice size hole in them. To the defense of the Puppy’s 1st Toy though, she didn’t eat them while the toy was around.


Purple dog collar with wood heart
Puppies will quickly outgrow their first collar, but that doesn’t mean that picking the first collar isn’t important! Collars should have ID tags with your pup’s name and your phone number in case your puppy gets lost.

Unsure what type to choose?

Pettsie Purple dog collar

The unique Pettsie purple dog collar with wood heart is made from 100% high quality hemp. On top of that, there is a strong fashionable canvas to add additional durability and stability. The collar also comes with an added wood heart. Each heart has its own natural texture and is made from 100% beech wood. The collar comes with a D-ring in vintage style to attach a leash, ID tag, loop, charm, pendant, or other accessories.

Pink natural and sturdy dog leash

To complete the set, you can also order the matching Pettsie dog leash. It’s made from strong natural hemp with a modern designed canvas added on top. The leash is appropriate for small and medium-sized dogs with weight up to 20 pounds. The leash has a padded handle with neoprene, so you will not get any burns or pain in your hands and have absolute control over your dog. Every leash is equipped with a strong D-Ring in vintage style, on which you can add a waste bag, keys, pouch, pendants or other accessories. The zinc metal clasp is rust resistant and comes in a matching vintage style.


Crates should be large enough for your dog to sit, turn around, and lay down comfortably. Some crates offer the option to start off smaller with inserts, so your crate size can grow as your puppy does. You don’t want a crate that is too big for your puppy because they will use the extra space as their toilet. A proper sized crate is a helpful tool for house-training and can also help prevent anxiety by establishing your dog’s personal safe space.

We’d suggest the AmazonBasics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate Kennel. It has double-door design for convenient front and side entry. There are two slide-bolt latches on each door for increased safety and security. The sturdy metal construction also folds flat for easy storage/portability, and the best part is the divider panel that can make the crate smaller or larger depending on your puppy’s needs.

Bathing & Grooming Supplies

Puppies like to get dirty, which means lots of baths! Have puppy-safe shampoo on hand. Dog brushes and nail clippers are also important tools for your grooming kit.

Dog Food

Puppies have a lot of growing to do, so providing them with proper nutrition is extremely important. Ask your breeder and/or veterinarian their opinions on what brand and type of dog food best fits your puppy at this stage of life.


New Puppy Starter Kit

Puppies need toys and lots of them! Teething toys help puppies focus their need to chew into an appropriate outlet. Toys should be durable and made with puppy-safe materials that they can’t destroy. Puppies should be supervised when playing with toys to avoid ingestion of small broken off pieces. Interactive puzzle toys are also available to stimulate your puppy’s brain and keep him busy longer!

Food & Water Bowls

Bowls can be made of ceramic, plastic, or stainless steel and should be the correct size for your puppy. We’d suggest bowls with a grip on the bottom so they don’t slide while your puppy is eating. Additionally, a puppy mat under the food and water bowls helps eliminate a lot of the puppy mess.

Bark Potty

Bark Potty

The canine parvovirus (CPV) infection is a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs, which is why it’s important to keep your puppy away from other dogs until they’ve had their parvo vaccinations. A great way to prevent your puppy from being around other dogs is the Bark Potty.

Bark Potty is made of real bark and like real grass, contains the natural smells that compel dogs to “go.” The tray is lined to prevent leaks, the proprietary bark naturally neutralizes odors, and one Potty replaces up to sixty pee pads. It’s perfect for indoors or on the patio and eliminates the risk of your pup being exposed to parvo.

Dog Gates

There may be areas of your home that aren’t puppy proofed or that you don’t want your puppy to enter. Use puppy gates to block off these areas so your puppy doesn’t get into trouble! We’d suggest the Cumbor Auto Close Safety Baby Gate because it’s adjustable and fits both door frames and stairs.

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