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Practicing Positive Wellness When You Can’t Go Anywhere

Practising Positive Wellness When You Can’t Go Anywhere

The world is currently facing an experience that has not been seen before in modern-day, with more and more people being asked to remain in their homes in the hope to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Being stuck in your home with no end in sight can cause a lot of strain on our emotional and mental health, particularly if you are stuck in a location with lots of people or completely alone. It’s so important to practice positive wellness when you can’t go anywhere.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to practice positive wellness and give yourself a good mood boost and chase those dark feelings away. Here we’ve provided inspiration for your positive wellness journey to get you through the future of lock-down and help turn those negative thoughts into positive energy.

Practicing Positive Wellness When You Can’t Go Anywhere

Change the Way You Speak to Yourself

It is quite common that we treat ourselves poorly, we may eat healthily, get plenty of daily exercise and even tick our social boxes but when it comes to how we talk to ourselves, we often think or scold ourselves more harshly than we would ever talk to a loved one or friend or even a stranger. Cutting ourselves down constantly takes it’s toll on our mental health and it’s important to practice good emotional cleansing and to go easier on ourselves, remaining positive even when we feel we have let ourselves down. The next time you get stuck in a negative thought pattern, put yourself in the shoes of a friend or a stranger and only talk to yourself as you would others. Being stuck by yourself at this time makes this more important than ever and should be at the top of your positive wellness practice list.

Help Others In Safe Ways

One of the best things we can do for our mental health is to provide help to others in need, whether that’s checking in on your neighbors, sending food and toys to animal shelters, donating to help an emergency appeal or supporting refugees and asylum seekers. Even the smallest gesture can do wonders for those who need it and bring a positive boost to your life. Scientific studies have proven that when we give to charity and help others, our brain releases a boost of ‘happy hormones’ making us feel more relaxed and content with ourselves. While it’s difficult to get around to everyone at the moment, there are charity programs that are going above and beyond to help the vulnerable who cannot leave their homes. They are always making requests for more assistance. Check your local paper or online community boards for up to date information.

Seek Out Positivity and Humor

Practising Positive Wellness When You Can’t Go Anywhere

Via Natalia Deriabina

While the world may be undergoing a change like none other, many of us have incredible facilities at home that we may be under-utilizing. For example, the Internet is an amazing resource, holding the entirety of all known human knowledge, all accessible at the simple touch of a button. It is also a source of fantastic humor and overwhelming positivity, from the forums that share the good people do on a regular basis to the millions and millions of funny cat pictures! Just a five-minute search can be all you and your family need to share some humor together again. It’s an especially great way to break tensions when everyone is feeling tense from being stuck indoors. Better yet, if there is something that gets you all falling about laughing, you can quickly and easily bookmark the page, image or video to come back to later and get a good giggle.

We are unsure when the world will go back to normal. It could be months or more likely years before we start to see positive changes to the economy and people start to feel more comfortable in groups again. We shouldn’t waste this opportunity and should seek out ways to feel and be more positive to each other and most importantly, to ourselves.

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