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Kid-Friendly Frisco Bucket List

Canyons Rock Climbing

With tailored activities for adults, kids, and everyone in between, there’s always something fun to do in Frisco. We’re an adventurous family who can never get enough of the extremes. Kid-friendly adventures can be difficult to find in other cities, but not in Frisco. One day you can be flying through the air and the next you can be climbing the walls… literally. Check out these kid-friendly Frisco bucket list adventures that will get your child’s adrenaline pumping and push their fear limits to the edge and over.

Kid-Friendly Frisco Bucket List

Canyons Rock Climbing Gym

Canyons Rock Climbing

Canyons Rock Climbing Gym offers an incredible rock-climbing adventure for everyone from beginner to expert. With 5 True Blue auto-belays, 30 lead routes, over 30 top ropes to choose from, and over 60 boulder problems, Canyons Rock Climbing Gym has it all. Canyons is fun, motivating, and family-friendly.

We recently took two eight-year-olds to Canyons Rock Climbing Gym and they got better and more determined each time they clipped in. With each new move, they felt a fabulous sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, not to mention the thrill felt with every move on the wall.

Upon arriving, a Canyons’ employee went over the safety regulations and gave us a quick tutorial on how to belay someone. It was simple, effortless, and easy to grasp the concept. Young children do need an adult on the floor with them and they can’t belay themselves, but there are 5 auto-belays so even if the adult is uncomfortable with belaying, or not capable because of pregnancy in my case, they can still have plenty of fun.

Climbing is great for building problem solving skills at any age. It’s like putting a puzzle together while figuring out where to best place your foot and how to best grip the wall.  Although it’s challenging, and requires a lot of physical endurance, there is a wonderful sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that goes along with climbing to new heights, especially if you climb all the way to the top.

If you’re up for the challenge and ready to climb to new heights, check out Canyon’s Rock Climbing for a kid-friendly bucket list adventure in Frisco.


ZidZania Frisco

You might think that KidZania isn’t as action-packed as Canyons Rock Climbing Gym, but with 55 buildings including a series of “jobs” and “experiences” like flight school, rock climbing, aviation academy, construction work, and a fire station, KidZania can be a great place for adventure. Kids can explore independently in an 80,000-square-foot town, set up to be realistic and ready for role play learning and interaction. They build real life skills.

We arrived at KidZania and checked in at the Airport check-in area. We received an RFID security bracelet with GPS tracking device, and my daughter and her friend received complimentary kidZos, KidZania’s currency which your kids can earn, spend, save or invest.

Once inside, the kids independently explored the city and took part in the experiences they chose. They were most interested in learning to be firefighters, airplane pilots, construction workers, and NICU nurses. Some of the other professions include: police officer, veterinarian, podcaster, fashion model, actor, chef, vet, doctor, dentist, graphic designer, window washer, recycling expert, mail delivery person, news anchor, and fitness instructor. To exercise independence for all the kids visiting KidZania, many of the experiences are for kids only.

Experiences range between 20 to 30 minutes. An average of 6 to 10 activities can be completed during your visit. In one role, the kids were climbing buildings and then they were riding in a fire truck followed by piloting a plane. There are adventurous opportunities around every corner at KidZania.


iFLY Frisco, Texas

Indoor skydiving is one of the most exciting experiences you’ll have in your life. You get the sensation of skydiving without jumping out of a plane with iFLY Dallas.

Before you fly, you’ll sit through a short orientation and learn the basics of indoor skydiving. You’re given a flight suit and a helmet. Then, your highly-trained iFLY Instructor stands in the tunnel by your side and personally guides you through the experience. Additionally, a second iFLY instructor observes you from outside the tunnel. If kids are small enough, an iFLY Instructor will actually hold and personally carry them through the experience.

I took my 7-year-old daughter and it was her favorite adventure yet. She was so excited to participate that when asked who wanted to go first, she immediately raised her hand. She stepped into the tunnel and learned so quickly that she mastered flying higher and making turns within the first flight session. It was one of the most exciting experiences she’d ever had, yet she remained calm and adjusted her body to maximize her flight experience. I’d never seen her with such confidence and ability.

The minute she was done she asked when she could return again. She was hooked. I’m so happy with her experience there that I’m considering enrolling her in their Flight School Program.

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway

Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway offers a 50,000-square-foot facility that accommodates drivers of almost all ages and abilities. Their state-of-the-art electric go-karts hit speeds up to 45 miles per hour and operate at the highest performance standards.

They have several dynamic racing options. The most-popular racing format is their Arrive & Drive program that allows customers to show up individually or in small groups and race in standard races. These races last approximately 10 minutes and drivers are separated into two categories. In addition to the adult karts (56″ minimum height required), Kartland Performance Indoor Raceway features kid’s karts for racers who are at least 48″ tall and can safely drive.

When Athena first stepped into the go-kart, we thought she’d be too intimidated by the speed and nervous of other drivers to participate, but the amazing part about being on the track is that you only have to go as fast as you feel comfortable. Other drivers can pass you if you want to start out slow. Whatever speeds feels comfortable for you is fine on the track. You don’t have to compete against others; competing against your own personal speed and track time is equally rewarding.

This reduced pressure allowed Athena to get the feel of the go-kart and the track before picking up her speed and really becoming quite competitive. She loved the feeling of driving so quickly in a safe environment. The same freedom is allowed for adults as well. One elderly lady on the track wanted to experience driving the go-kart but she wasn’t comfortable racing. She went at her own pace and didn’t hinder the experience for other drivers. If you’re not driving, you can watch the races from the sidelines, making it a great spectator experience as well. Since there is a 48″ height requirement, not all children can participate in this adventure but racing go-karts around the track is sure to get your adrenaline pumping.

Franco Tennis Academy

Franco Tennis Academy Frisco summer camps are for all ability levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced and ages 6-15. They start at 8AM and run for 2 or 4 hours, based on age and level.

Camps focus on technique development to build fundamentals and incorporate fun tennis games and relays. Students develop agility, balance, and coordination in an interactive setting. Camp staff are highly skilled and trained while creating a fun, educational atmosphere.

Athena went from never holding a tennis racquet to actually being able to hit the ball over the net with control. She never felt embarrassed to make mistakes and was taught with encouragement and patience. She started her day with an excellent workout and new skills.

Franco Tennis Academy summer camp is a great opportunity for kids to stay healthy and fit during the summer vacation while learning a new sport.

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