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Self-Love Begins with Self-Care

Honey Dental Crossroads Texas

I focus so much of my bucket list on extreme adventures and travel that I have neglected myself, including my health, my weight, my teeth, and my hair. It’s rare that I smile in photos because I’m not proud of my teeth, but I want to change that. Self-love begins with self-care so I decided to add teeth whitening at Honey Dental in Crossroads, Texas to my bucket list.

I’ve been in the most amazing places and participated in the most extreme, unbelievable experiences yet I don’t want to be in the pictures to keep the memory alive. I’m embarrassed of my teeth, my weight, and my grey hair. The truly sad part is that I have the ability to change every one of those things yet I haven’t been doing anything about it.

Well, now is the time for action! I’m stepping up and putting self-care as a priority in my life because self-love beings with self-care.

The first, and easiest step, was scheduling a teeth whitening appointment with Honey Dental in Crossroads. Teeth whitening is a simple, effective cosmetic dental treatment that noticeably enhances your smile in as little as one treatment. The team at Honey Dental utilize a powerful yet safe whitening gel that is applied to the surface of your teeth. The gel works to lighten the appearance of stains, discoloration, and yellowing on the tooth enamel.

Honey Dental Crossroads Texas

I arrived at Honey Dental about 20 minutes before my scheduled appointment. The staff greeted me at the door and gave me several forms to complete. They chatted with me and made me feel like I was a long-time friend. The office is beautifully decorated and exceptionally clean. I immediately knew that I made a good choice.

I was shown to the room and watched tv in a comfortable chair that massaged my back as the dentist cleaned and whitened my teeth. A protective barrier was applied to my gums to keep them safe from the gel and the entire process was simple and painless. It took about one hour and my teeth were noticeably whiter immediately.

Honey Dental Crossroads

I’m beyond impressed with the results and I can’t stop smiling. It’s amazing how much your smile affects your mood and your appearance. It instantly boosted my self-esteem and helped me smile with pride.

While at Honey Dental, they also scanned my teeth and spoke to me about other issues to protect my teeth and create a smile I can be proud of. One major problem is a broken tooth, which I’m going to have fixed at Honey Dental this week. I need to have a couple dental fillings to restore minor tooth damage and restore my teeth to their original structure and function.

Honey Dental Crossroads Texas

I have a great smile, especially after my teeth whitening, and I want to maintain it! Dr. Melissa Santilli of Honey Dental has a sharp eye for the perfect smile in everyone. Her passion for learning, commitment to patient care, attention to detail, and excellent clinical skills, provided me with an excellent dental experience. She’s helping me protect my teeth for a lifetime and allowing me to smile along the way.

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