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Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy During Lockdown

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If you’ve had a pet to keep you company during the restrictions caused by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll appreciate how much joy they can bring, especially when you feel down or stressed. Whether you own a dog, a cute cat, or any other type of pet, changes in your daily routine can also cause stress for your little companion. We all love our pets, so their well-being is of the utmost importance.

So, how do you keep your pets happy and healthy during the lockdown and amidst the COVID-19 chaos? Read on to find out our best strategies.

Keeping Your Pet Happy and Healthy During Lockdown

Know What Your Dog is Eating

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that what your pet ate wasn’t always a top priority. With all the free time at home, you should focus more on your pet’s food. You can prepare some fresh food for your dog or even try your hand at baking animal-friendly biscuits. Trying something new is always a fun thing for you and your pet. 

You can also order some special healthy snacks, treats, or foods for your pet. The right food is critical for your pet’s health and fitness – so you should definitely go to Pet Life to learn more. Be smart and use dinner time for your pet as game time, too. Hide your pet’s food around the garden or house to encourage them to find it. It will keep your pet physically active and mentally stimulated. 

Keep Up the Regular Grooming

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Your pet needs regular grooming. But with more hours to spend at home due to restrictions or even limited working hours, it’s easy to forget to groom your pet regularly. Grooming helps keep ticks and fleas away while also reducing the risk of infections. It’s also the best time you have to visually inspect your dog and catch any potential abnormalities.

With the unprecedented lifestyle changes caused by the pandemic, you and your pet could be a bit more anxious, so try and groom your pet when he or she is more relaxed. A good time to groom your pet is after lots of playtime when their energy levels are lower. Reward them with some treats during grooming and afterward.

Here are some home grooming tips:

  • Depending on your pet’s fur type, you need to brush them regularly – daily or weekly
  • Keep your pet clean and consult your vet on how often you should do it
  • Always use animal-friendly shampoo when cleaning your pet
  • Keep an eye on your pet’s claws and learn how to trim them using pet-specific clippers
  • Regularly clean your pet’s eyes and ears, but with care, to avoid hurting them

Get Them Creative Play Toys

One positive outcome of the current pandemic is that we get to spend more time with our pets, which means more playtime. However, it can be distracting for remote workers who are working from home. Thankfully, there are creative ways and toys you can get for your dog or cat to keep them entertained while you go about your house chores or workday. Interactive toys can help stimulate their minds and keep them engaged for hours. 

Some pets, though, require a more leisurely way of life. For instance, cats love relaxing and will sleep for up to 16 hours a day. Ensuring that your cat has a comfy cat bed for the best possible rest is essential for their health. Remember to set aside some time for personal playtime with your dog or cat. Pets love the attention they get from you.

Exercise Your Pet More When You Can

Pets love playing, so if your dog loves spending time at the local park or outdoors, you can still go out and have some fun. Only go out when you feel safe to do so, while also keeping social distancing measures in mind to protect yourself during the pandemic. Take some time out of your daily routine to walk your dog or play in the garden.

Exercising your pet is not only good for their health but yours too. If you’re not comfortable going out with your dog, there are apps that pair people with strangers who’re looking to take a dog for a walk. You can also request a friend or neighbor to take your dog for exercise if they’re comfortable doing it. Keep yourself and your pet active to fight the boredom.

Don’t Forget to Talk to Your Vet

Vets are still open for business, and not just for emergencies. If you think something is wrong with your pet or need regular vet check-ups, don’t hesitate to do so. Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t ignore any issues, as they could be signs of an underlying problem. Maybe your dog is no longer eating well or playing as usual. Watch out for small signs.

Like medical experts in hospitals, vets are implementing the right social distancing measures when providing services to ensure their safety, client safety, and employees’ safety. Some of them are now offering online consultations via video chat or phone calls. If you’ve noted discomfort or any health problems with your pet, get expert advice immediately. 

Think About Pet Insurance

Most of us are facing financial challenges, so pet insurance may not be a top priority. But if your pet’s health took a turn for the worse, having pet insurance could be the best decision you ever made. It covers the costs of treatment and surgery, which can run thousands of dollars, and everyday expenses of taking care of your sick little friend. 

Some pet insurance policies also include routine care cover that offers financial help for things like deworming and flea treatments. Either way, you should decide whether you need pet insurance or not, and if you do, you can choose the options that work best for you. 

Final Thoughts

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We have all had some bad days with our pets. Sometimes you skip the daily grooming routine or even ignore your pet when you have a tight working schedule. That doesn’t make you a bad pet owner – it’s just human. So, go ahead and include these tips into your pet care routine to keep your pet happier and healthier and remember to appreciate the good moments.


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